Why Smart Car Repair is the Way to Go?
2009.09.20 10:35:03
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Author: Steven Magill

Copyright (c) 2008 Steven Magill

Smart car repairs are changing the way customers have vehicles serviced at auto body shops. The acronym S-M-A-R-T stands for Small, Medium Area Repair Technique.

This revolutionary car repair technique is saving customers' money by repairing only damaged areas of a vehicle. There is no longer a need to repair an entire vehicle surface for a scratch on the bumper or a dent on the door panel. All vehicles experience the need for repairs somewhere down the line.

Dents and scratches can damage more than the exterior of the vehicle. There can be considerable damage done to the monetary value of the vehicle as well. For this reason, it is highly advisable that car repairs be completed as soon as possible to prevent any further damage from occurring.

Smart car repair services aide fleet operators, car hire services, car dealerships and consumers in obtaining inexpensive auto body work. This can be routine maintenance or large repairs caused by big dents or other exterior vehicle damage. Many utilize the services of a smart car repair shop for touch up work for cars, vans and motorcycles.

A variety of car repairs can be completed utilizing this revolutionary technique. A few items on the list include:

Scratches to door panels Scratches to front and back bumpers Scratches to wheel arches Dents to any portion of the vehicle exterior Smart car repairs are not limited to the cosmetic exterior of a vehicle. Interior blemishes can also be repaired. These include rips in the upholstery, small holes in plastic trim, windscreen chips and cigarette burns to seats, dashboard or other interior structures.

Repairs are limited to the damaged areas of the vehicle only. This dramatically cuts down on the cost of auto body work as it creates less time consuming repair projects. Specially designed paints and chemical based paints can be matched virtually identically to existing paint. This eliminates the need to repaint the entire vehicle for a repair job in a tiny portion of the vehicle.

This special paint dries in half the time of stock auto body shop paints. Repairs are done on site and all products needed are in stock. These two components alone significantly contribute to the dramatic cost saving methods of smart car repairs.

Some of the costliest auto body repairs lie in damaged or broken bumpers and spoilers. Smart car repair utilizes plastic welding and finishing techniques on the original vehicle pieces. This process eliminates the need for auto body shops to send out for replacement parts. In return, customers are not stuck paying a bill that includes costs for the down time between ordering replacement parts and having them installed on the vehicle.

Moving inside the vehicle, fabrics and upholstery can be repaired without needing to remove all of the interior fabrics, vinyl and leather. Cigarette burns, stains and spills brought on by everyday vehicle use can easily be repaired at little cost to the customer.

Smart car repairs are changing the way auto body shops do business in the future.

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Caring for Your Antique Car’s Interior
2009.09.20 10:00:05
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Author: Levi Quinn

The truth about antique cars is that they can be a little more temperamental than present day cars. After all, the cars that most people drive around in every day can mostly trace their ancestry back to some of the classics that survive to this day. The changes that have been made to those old cars have made the cars of today what they are, so it should not come as any surprise, or as any annoyance to us that they may perform differently and have specific requirements. After all, what we know today is a lot more than what we knew yesterday – repeat that for a few decades and you will see why a classic car requires more work inside and out than a new one – and why it is worth it. We all know about the exterior of a classic car. Those of us who own one know an especially large amount about them, having spent a large amount of time washing, drying, waxing and buffing their antique automobile to a finish of which they can be proud. But if you plan to do anything at all with your classic aside from simply looking at it from a distance, then the exterior is simply one part of the process, and you will need to give at least equal attention to the inside. The seats, for example, were made a long time ago, and different fabrics have been developed since then which are a lot more durable and ready for anything. Caring for the fabric will stop it from splitting or tarnishing easily. Fortunately another side to the technological development that we have seen over the years is that there are so many cleaning products that can be used to ensure the protection of the interior of your car – products which even with repeated use will not damage the interior. Non-abrasive cleaning products are to be desired for this kind of work, as even the gentlest abrasive cleaner can cause damage to the delicate materials which make up the interior of an antique automobile – materials which will have aged, remember, and done so through times when the cleaning products were a little less gentle on an interior. Find the right product to use on your seats, dash and all the detailing in the car. Making the interior of your classic car look as wonderful as the exterior is a two-part process – cleaning and protecting need to be given equal priority. Not only are you looking to remove stains, but you also want to ensure all residue is removed before you apply any kind of polish or finishing compound. And as importantly as any of these others, you must ensure that the car is stored in the appropriate way, so as to keep the interior protected from extreme, harsh weather conditions. Cleaning as you go along is a worthwhile tip if you are using the car regularly – do not give stains or marks a chance to become damaging, because once a mark sets in it can lead to ageing that cannot be reversed.

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Who Should Have a Roadside Assistance Plan
2009.09.20 09:54:40
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Author: Amy Nutt

With more drivers than ever on road, roadside assistance plans are becoming even more popular. There are many reasons why roadside assistance is an essential part of owning a vehicle. If you spend a lot of time driving a car, the chances of having a car problem drastically increases.

Although your car may appear to be in good condition, you do not always know what is going on mechanically. For instance, there are many things that can happen resulting in a car break down such as an engine overheating and a battery losing its charge and going dead. As well, even if you have the best tires, you never know when there may be an object such as a nail on the road which can cause a flat tire. A roadside assistance package will ensure a technician will respond to your emergency.

Another reason to purchase roadside assistance is if you do a lot of night driving. Breaking down on the side of the road late at night can be a scary experience if you are alone. You will feel a lot better knowing that help is only a phone call away. If you have teenagers who drive, you will sleep much better knowing that if they had car problems, they could get in touch with roadside assistance for help. This not only includes a car break down, but also if one locks their keys inside the car, requires a tow, runs out of gas or other fluids such as motor oil, brake fluid, and radiator fluid. A roadside assistant tech can come out and replace fluids as well as bring a replacement key.

Roadside assistance is also beneficial if you live in an area with a lot of snow. Every year, winter time brings a lot of snow storms resulting in cars slipping and sliding and going off the roads. With roadside assistance you don't have to worry about being stuck in the cold and blizzard conditions. As well, a battery that goes dead is a very common event in the winter. This could be due to the cold or leaving the lights on. With one phone call, a roadside assistant technician will be out to give your battery a boost, or you can have a tow truck dispatched to pick up both you and your car. Roadside assistance companies provide a toll free number that is listed on the membership card. Members can call for emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week, as well as on holidays.

The numerous benefits to purchasing a roadside assistance plan. Usually one tow almost covers the cost of a plan. Roadside assistance not only helps drivers out of difficult situations, but many plans offer extra features such as travel maps, discounts on hotels and restaurants, and more.

Many insurance companies offer roadside assistance service in their vehicle insurance policies. There are a number of roadside assistance companies that provide special packages. As well, many credit cards and cell phones provide free roadside assistance with their plan. Any vehicle that has Onstar has the means to acquire roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance makes your driving experience much more reassuring because you know you can get help in the event of an emergency.

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With CAA membership you get more than just emergency roadside assistance and battery jump-starts. We also provide vacation packages and CAA insurance for travel and medical coverage.

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Check Engine Light Nightmares - How To Avoid Auto Mechanics Scams
2009.09.20 09:33:32
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Author: Don Stevens

Going nuts everytime a check engine light goes on, is nothing new. Everyone's busy and cannot possibly have enough time to go check your car or truck whenever this happens, so you take it with good will to your "loyal" mechanic and he checks it over and a famous one liner that you've heard before utters his lips, you know, something like, "Good thing you brought it over, I don't think it would have lasted another mile." Or something like that.

Whenever the check engine light goes on, don't panic. I've known several people who've had this problem over and over again. Usually it's a computer problem, or something so simple as needing another gas cap that makes people go into a tizzy. Sometimes the check engine light goes on because something needs attention that shouldn't wait too.

I know there's a lot of mechanics out there who are trustworthy, and reliable, and maybe you are perfectly happy when them. And maybe they come running down your driveway everytime the check engine light does come on, but most of the time, the engine has nothing to do with the that light gives you that wallet busting warning.

When a check engine light comes on, the on board usually stores a code that will lead to direction of the malfunction. Consider it a map with treasure being your malfunction. It doesn't necessarily tell you exactly what is wrong but gives you a code that you (or a technician) can decipher and get to what's aching your baby. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well before you Indiana Jones wannabes light your torch and go into dark caverns under your hood, get all your facts straight. Just like Dr. Jones did with his archeological facts, you'll have to do a little research yourself. Sounds scary? Don't worry, it's not. Let's say the code "p0171, oxygen sensor indicates lean" shows up, causing your check engine light to glow. It doesn't mean the oxygen sensor is bad, it just means that the oxygen sensor is stuck lean. Now there could be several reasons for this; the engine could be running lean because of a number of problems, or the oxygen sensor is lazy and may actually need to be replaced. However, a bad oxygen sensor should set a oxygen sensor code as well.

Replacing a oxygen sensor sounds less threatening than replacing your transmission, doesn't it? It's amazing how many auto mechanics will tell you what's wrong when a check engine light goes on. It's become a vital commodity to mechanics, just like a pop up ad on your computer, but they don't have to pay for this ad.

And research is really not so bad. It's not like homework, you don't have to do it, however, if you don't, and ignore it, you'll regret it. So how can distinguish what your car needs, and what kind of project it will entail if you can't trust your mechanic? Well, you can take it to a mechanic when the check engine light goes on, but most mechanics charge jup to hundreds of dollars just to inspect the problem, and you'll have to add this to fix what that the mechanic has dreamed up, after all, who's he afraid of, it's not like you've done your research, right? Here is a great way to get your research done before going to the mechanic, so you know what you are in for.

Almost all car repair questions can now be answered online, right at your fingertips. Many websites now offer advice for the average car owner to troubleshoot car problems, so the days of going to one mechanic after another to diagnosis your car problems are over. Sites such as Automtoive Experts Online are dedicated to troubleshoot car problems, such as check engine lights for Honda Accord or Toyota check engine light. This site is designated for safe and reliable auto advice that's cheap and fast. No one has the time to figure out common car problems on their own, and mechanics can charge up to hundreds of dollars just to tell you what's wrong. The site is great for car owners who do work themselves, and a life savor for newbies as well.

The site is free to register and join, all questions can be seen for free and registered users bid on answers written by real certified experts. Common questions relating to check engine light for Honda Accord, or Toyota check engine light are often answered within hours. It also guarantees your satisfaction by refunding your deposit 100% if you are not satisfied. It is easy to use and the database of car repair questions is growing.

So before you go out and venture the wild terrain of under your hood, do a little research and go prepared. If you are not mechanically inclined, you owe it to yourself to still do the research so you can go your mechanic prepared, and proud, and say, "My emmisions increased 1.5 times, emitting triple the hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, fix that, and nothing else." Your mechanic will never look at you the same ever again.

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Don Stevens is a consumer writer who writes independently. He encourages everyone who has a check engine light question to vist Automotive Experts Online at (

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