updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Afraid of the Truth

02241622I received an email from a friend of mine today.  After reading the note I was very upset because I knew that my friend was very hurt by the turn of events.  You see, Pauline is an author and she was to have a book signing at her church.  The church has about 600 members so she bought 100 copies of her book to sell at the signing.

The pastor had not read her book and he refuses to promote the book in his church due to the married couple having affairs and there being a sex scene in the book. I have the book called, “Winter’s Kisses,” and trust me there is nothing graphic in it at all.

There is no profanity and the book is a story about a married couple that loses their way and through the help of a missionary is able to save their marriage.

Talk Is Cheap

Everything is high. When I say high I mean expensive, overly priced or inflated. From merchandise to food, to health care, everything everywhere is extremely high. We blame it on corporate America. We blame the Bush administration. Now we even want to blame President Obama for not being able to snap his fingers and magically make our economic situations better. We rally. We make a lot of noise but at the end of the day, was all that noise really necessary? Was anything accomplished because we spoke out? Was anything actually done to improve our personal situations?

Nope. Not a thing. Why? Because all of the rallying and chanting and emailing and babbling on incorporated nothing but a dry mouth and what did that cost? Nothing. Talk is cheap and we all know what cheap means. It means lower quality, satisfaction that’s not guaranteed, worthless, senseless, useless and purely a waste of time. So why waste your time talking when talking is cheap? Talking is worth not a penny even on the street.

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Death of the N-Word

hearseNigger. Nigga. Nigguh. Nucca. Neyeah. Now that we got the shock value out of the way, let’s discuss.

N-words have been chopped, sautéed, seasoned and marinated so much no wonder they’ve lasted so long. They even have several definitions--depending on the pronunciation, of course. How you say them could mean the difference between a punch and embrace.

“You nigger!” Expect a punch. “My nigga!” Expect a hug.

Racists with a major dislike for black folks commonly use “nigger.” Some black folks, skilled in flipping so-called

 bad words into good ones, prefer “nigga” or “nigguh.” For a safer, G-rated version with a dash of humor, go with “nucca.” Rappers and radio DJs sometimes employ a self-censored version that barely sounds like the original with “neyeah.” Lately, though, it seems each N-word translation has blurred a line to create one meaning: a racial epithet to degrade and offend African-Americans. The “a” and “uh” version supposedly symbolize love and friendship, as in “that’s my nigga!”

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