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An Origin Called Black History

old_black_couple Since the dawn of mankind people have always adored their grandparents. There are those of us that would agree, it’s like the single most and greatest sense of love and power that any human could ever imagine. This is not to say that we do not love our mothers. Yet, grandparents are a never ending source of comfort and support. The same is true for Black History because our grandparents are Black History. Behind those big beautiful brown eyes is a depot of toughness and strength that has realized a dream walk down the yellow brick road. They have envisioned this walk from the mud houses of Mississippi to the black iron gates of the White House.

A Walk Through Brooklyn

A Walk Through Brooklyn
A Walk Through Brooklyn
A Walk Through Brooklyn by Rashaun J. Allen is a rare collection of poetry. I say that because rarely does an up and coming poet enlighten the senses of an individual the way that this author has done. The scope this poetic work examines issues of fatherlessness, death, love, sensuality, and pain. The audience that reads this book will get the opportunity to take a trip through the imagination and experience of a native Brooklynite by reading between the pages of this collection. It is not often that we (the readers) can divulge in reading the commentary on urban life from someone who has lived this experience, and can reflect on the joys, sorrows, and inconsistencies of life. Rashaun delivers the experiences of a young, educated, black man that overcame hurt and pain to discover the light the end of the tunnel. The misdirection, confusion, and ultimate success of this writer’s life are revealed after reading poem after, after poem, after poem. My personal favorites included in this collection of poetry are Tre Got a Problem, Ms. Africa, and My Crush. I look forward to reading more from this upcoming poet, but until then my appetite for delving into one black man’s psyche, and reading about a true urban experience has been satisfied after a taking A Walk Through Brooklyn.

By: Tiffany Flowers

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12715_4646Merriam Webster defines the word dream as a visionary creation of the imagination. Kayne West wrote a beautiful ode, I Wonder, about dreams. Why are these visionary creations so important? What do they mean?

The best selling book of all time and the best selling book every year, (http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2006), is the King James Version of the Bible. The Book of Proverbs, chapter 29 verse 18 warns, without vision, the people perish.  Dreams are necessary for survival.  It was a dream that eventually actualized the 44th President of the United States. It was a vision that led to this publication being viewed by thousands. But how do these dreams, these visionary images that feel so real, that often keep one from sleeping develop?

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