updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Polish Your Writing In Less Than Ten Minutes

pencilHow many times have you read a novel and felt in the action? Great novels spike the reader's fear, anxiety, anger, laughter--even hormones.


They may even keep the reader glued to the pages until the wee hours of night. Stephen King and Nora Roberts make the big bucks for good reason.

Painting a picture with words demonstrates a unique talent. However, writers must study the craft--as with any skill. The story may be clean off the rack, but may still need a nice coat of wax. No worries. These five tips will help “spit-shine” that masterpiece:

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Join the Resistance!

Fitness_Pic_2_smallerResistance training provides a long list of body benefits, especially when combined with cardio exercise and proper nutrition. Not only can you increase power, muscle strength and endurance, it also strengthens bone density.

And yes, resistance training burns calories. Although cardio exercise burns more calories, do both and you become a calorie burning machine!

But the benefits don’t stop there. Studies show resistance training can reduce hypertension and the “bad” cholesterol. It also gives you that cut look a lot of people strive for.

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