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Sucess Step Ladder

955981_focus_blur_long_way_to_the_top_21.The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.

2. Gaining of fame or prosperity.

3.Extent of such gain.

4.One that is successful.

5.Obsolete. A result or an outcome.

Most of us would probably agree with definition 1. After all, how can you know you have achieved success if you have not worked toward a desire, followed a plan, or tried to reach a target, goal, or objective? But does that mean, then, that success is solely an end result of an action or series of actions?

See definition 4-the dictionary tells us that definition is obsolete. So if we have not achieved something desired, planned, or attempted, we can still be successful. 3 and 4 is success is the gaining of fame or prosperity and the extent of that gain. We all get can get fifteen minutes of fame, but let's focus on "prosperity" and "the extent of" that prosperity, which must be some kind of a favorable gain.

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Tips for writing in the third person

PentipWhen writing, most of us will choose to write in the Third Person Omniscient form which is, I believe, the most popular form of third person writing. However, when writing in the Third person you do have other options. As well as Third Person Omniscient, you also have the choice of Third Person Objective or Third Person Limited. I will explain the differences and talk about each form.  When writing in third person we are telling the readers what our characters are doing. Also, depending on which Third Person form we're writing in, reading their thoughts.

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