updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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A Market for Niggas!

1102fdfcvgbh-88520The evolution of communication is amazing. In the beginning of time, the only tool of expression that existed was just a voice box. Everything that happened was recorded orally and retold to generation after generation. Then some form of written communication developed using marks, symbols and pictures. Now fast forward past the inventions of, paper, writing utensils, the pony express, and telegraph, all the way to the world wide internet! The latest news is just a click away and now there is a bottomless market for niggas.

Are you unaware of the market for niggas? Have no fear, just click on youtube, type in “market for niggas”. Scroll to the link with Taalam Acey’s spoken word performance. He thoroughly defines the market for niggas. Exposing this exploitation is nothing new.

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Augusti Torres

Augusti TorresMany men, in particular, want what they want when they want it. Oft times we make mistakes or bad life choices for the sake of the almighty dollar. Yet, we can have a good life and have nice things through perseverance and patience. I am very observant to those around me, being that I've moved to a new city. It's city, but not so hardcore whereas the people here haven't forgotten how to smile. I see the street corners with a few lost souls, just like how some of us once were on.

However, doing this visual of my new surroundings, I saw a car that was in the process of being what we call "hooked-up or pimped out". I didn't know who's car it was, but often I seen him in passing. We, being so typical and judgemental, we'd assume this guy had to be a hustler or involved in negativity.

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Gear Up Your Gold!

Gear_Up_Your_Gold_By_Sherrie_CottonWho looks good in Gold? Keep reading to get the answer!

Everyone looks good in Gold with do’s and don’ts. So, “gear up your gold” for your next style! Wearing gold can be traumatic looking on some. If you are extremely dark toned, gold will make you look darker. It tends to look harsh. If you have dark skin, you can wear gold, but only with brown, tan or white to even things out. You don’t want gold accessories to outshine your natural beauty.

Fair or light skinned complexions look best in gold. It looks natural next to the skin tone. You should wear gold with orange, brown, tan, army green, or white, which will add more of a lustrous look on you!

Gold Do’s

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