updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Shirley Sherrod Fired From White House

Shirley Sherrod Fired From White House
Shirley Sherrod Fired From White House
When we think of the Internet, we admire the advancements in technology and how life has been made so much easier. We surf the web with ease because in this Information Age, everything is just a click away. It's had advantages and disadvantages. Many have gained employment and shared good information. Unfortunately for Shirley Sherrod that wasn't the case.

Recently, Shirley Sherrod, former USDA State Director, overseeing the rural development in Georgia, lost her job fueled by misinformation. A snippet of a speech she had delivered in previous months, spitefully surfaced and was misconstrued as racist.

The Obama Administration denounced Sherrod and within 48 hours became apologetic along with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak.

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A Walk Through Brooklyn

A Walk Through Brooklyn
A Walk Through Brooklyn
A Walk Through Brooklyn by Rashaun J. Allen is a rare collection of poetry. I say that because rarely does an up and coming poet enlighten the senses of an individual the way that this author has done. The scope this poetic work examines issues of fatherlessness, death, love, sensuality, and pain. The audience that reads this book will get the opportunity to take a trip through the imagination and experience of a native Brooklynite by reading between the pages of this collection. It is not often that we (the readers) can divulge in reading the commentary on urban life from someone who has lived this experience, and can reflect on the joys, sorrows, and inconsistencies of life. Rashaun delivers the experiences of a young, educated, black man that overcame hurt and pain to discover the light the end of the tunnel. The misdirection, confusion, and ultimate success of this writer’s life are revealed after reading poem after, after poem, after poem. My personal favorites included in this collection of poetry are Tre Got a Problem, Ms. Africa, and My Crush. I look forward to reading more from this upcoming poet, but until then my appetite for delving into one black man’s psyche, and reading about a true urban experience has been satisfied after a taking A Walk Through Brooklyn.

By: Tiffany Flowers

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Guilty Pleasures: A Microcosism of Human Limitation

458269_botones_de_radioI’m sure this has happened to you: You’re sitting in the passenger seat of your friend’s car, awaiting his/her return. As you wait, Elton John and Kiki Dee’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” comes on the radio and you find yourself singing along – “Woo-Hoo! Nobody Knows It!”

– but out of the corner of your eye, your friend is approaching and you quickly change the channel because you don’t want him/her to know that you like that song. Why? What’s so bad about “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?” Or how about when you’re blasting Usher’s “Yeah” and doing the thunderclap in your front yard, but suddenly your pastor walks by and you immediately freeze as he

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