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Fathers Raising Children

1123144_walk_on_pierHave you ever heard the expression "Mama's baby, poppas maybe?” I bet you have and a lot of times that is the case because, a mother cannot deny she is the mother of her child. However, a man can deny his children any day and time, until a DNA results proves him wrong.

Mothers are often forced to raise babies on their own and they hardly get the credit they deserve. Now days anyone can be a guardian to a child. Especially if one or both parents are not in the picture or can not provide financial support for the care of their children.

I remember when I was working for ACS, also known as Agency of Children Services, and came across some cases that did not have a mother in the home. As I began my research I started thinking if the mother was not deceased then why were they not in the picture? I was stunned about what I found. This particular case really touched my heart.

Delano Glass

Delano_GlassI have had the honor to meet Mr. Delano Glass, CEO of Real Entertainment. Mr. Glass has worked with many great talents in the entertainment industry.  Delano was destined for success, born to the beautiful Ernestine Glass who was a part of the Motown group, The Chiffons.  I present Mr. Glass to the Up The Way community because he is an inspiration and he shows that through hard work and determination anyone can make their dreams come true.

Q: When and where were you born?

A: I was born in Detroit, MI Oct 2nd (no year)

Q: Were your parents married/together and what are their names?

A: My parents were never married...to each other! LOL! Mom: Ernestine Glass Dad: Carlton Johnson

A Caring Friend

1182890_out_the_doorI have a friend who is older than I. She has a beautiful, kind heart.  She has helped, financially, a good majority of her family members and sacrificed her needs for others. Recently, she was telling me her life story and how all of these family members she's helped. Yet, when she needed them, they closed their doors in her face.

I wanted to share with all of you how some families aren’t there for each other and how some people can use and abuse your friendship. My friend had a nice home, a car and financially able to care for herself.She never married, but did raise a great niece. She has sisters and several brothers, and a few years ago, one brother passed away due to illness.

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