updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Fallacy of Unemployment

Jville_picA few weeks ago, former Speaker of the House, Tom Delay hurled himself back into the spotlight when he stated unemployment compensation keeps people from looking for work. The media was quick to tackle the former speaker for his remarks. Nevertheless, his asinine opinion is a representation of how out of touch many politicians are with the constituents they serve.

Anyone who is or has been unemployed will attest that the monetary benefits received aren’t nearly enough to cover the basic cost of living for a single person, let alone someone with a family to support. Granted, the situation can function as a startling realization in deciphering needs
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Tips for writing in the third person

PentipWhen writing, most of us will choose to write in the Third Person Omniscient form which is, I believe, the most popular form of third person writing. However, when writing in the Third person you do have other options. As well as Third Person Omniscient, you also have the choice of Third Person Objective or Third Person Limited. I will explain the differences and talk about each form.  When writing in third person we are telling the readers what our characters are doing. Also, depending on which Third Person form we're writing in, reading their thoughts.

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