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Shirley Sherrod Fired From White House

Shirley Sherrod Fired From White House
Shirley Sherrod Fired From White House
When we think of the Internet, we admire the advancements in technology and how life has been made so much easier. We surf the web with ease because in this Information Age, everything is just a click away. It's had advantages and disadvantages. Many have gained employment and shared good information. Unfortunately for Shirley Sherrod that wasn't the case.

Recently, Shirley Sherrod, former USDA State Director, overseeing the rural development in Georgia, lost her job fueled by misinformation. A snippet of a speech she had delivered in previous months, spitefully surfaced and was misconstrued as racist.

The Obama Administration denounced Sherrod and within 48 hours became apologetic along with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak.

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Another Sad Day In America


I’m Author/Motivational Speaker Cheryl Brown-Avery. My native hometown is Wilmington, North Carolina. I remember during the early 1960’s how predominant racial prejudice was in Wilmington. I attended an African-American elementary school called Peabody Elementary. During these times black students weren’t allowed to attend public schools with white students nor were we allowed to eat in public restaurants or purchase our clothing from white merchants. My mother would take a brown paper bag and trace the shape of our feet on it so she could purchase shoes for my sisters and me.Usually these shoes were tight and hurt our feet because the merchants would allow us access inside the shoe stores to be fitted for the correct size.

It’s a shame that white America held such power and control over businesses, public schools, public transportation and the media. If you believe that segregation has ended just because of a few laws passed by our nation’s government, you are sadly mistaken. Racial segregation is alive and growing stronger not only in my hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina, but all over our country.

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Aaron McGruder and The Boondocks

the-boondocks-the-boondocks-506048_640_512“You look at society and you're poking holes, not because you hate it, but because you can see where people really need to ask themselves, "What's going on?" Socially and politically, there's so much stupidity out there, and people overlook it or they accept it. I think what the show tries to do is point those things out and make us think about them, even if it's only in our own minds”. – Aaron McGruder

Since the Al Capp created the character and comic striip “Li’l Abner” back in the 1930s, comic strips have pulled double duty as controversial entertainment pieces and humorous tools for social commentary. Comics historian, Rick Marschall says “When “Li'l Abner” made its debut in 1934, the vast majority of comic strips were designed chiefly to amuse or thrill their readers. Capp turned that world upside-down by routinely injecting politics and social commentary into Li'l Abner". Garry Trudeau continued the practice in the 70s when he began penning the strip “Doonesbury” for the Yale University student newspaper, The Yale Daily News. “Doonesbury” is regarded as the comic strip that blurred the distinction between editorial cartoons and the funny pages. Now the world has “The Boondocks” by Aaron McGruder, a cartoonist who also started off writing a strip for a college paper that eventually became widely syndicated and developed into an animated television show. Critics have recognized him as the next big thing in artistic satire.

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