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Clash of the Titans - A Critique

directors_chairIn the age when movie studios pan the comic book/graphic novel genre for blockbuster  gold and cult classic TV shows and movies are remade in hopes of lighting striking twice, it was probably inevitable that the vintage 80’s stop-motion animation rich film Clash of the Titans would get today’s Hollywood treatment.

Movie Title: Clash of Titans

Studio: Warner Bros.

Director: Louis Leterrier

Cast: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton

Plot: The mortal son of the god Zeus embarks on a perilous journey to stop the underworld and its minions from spreading their evil to Earth as well as the heavens.

Rating: Rated PG-13 for fantasy action violence, some frightening images and brief sensuality

Bottom Line: **.5/***** While the special effects dress this remake into something grand - newer and cooler doesn’t mean better.

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A Call To Action

James_wAs a black man, I sometimes feel handcuffed to a reality low on hope and rampant in stereotype. According to media, black men are destined to live at the bottom-of-the-barrel. I don’t want to hear that mess. I grew tired of shaking my head and I wanted to do something.

I decided to invest in one person, not a group. Big Brothers Big Sisters Association gave me that opportunity. With BBBSA, they only required me to spend time with a young man twice a month for a year. Even with my military schedule, I knew I could commit.

I asked for a young African American male, my personal call to action, sort of speak. Black boys stayed in waiting

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Sucess Step Ladder

955981_focus_blur_long_way_to_the_top_21.The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.

2. Gaining of fame or prosperity.

3.Extent of such gain.

4.One that is successful.

5.Obsolete. A result or an outcome.

Most of us would probably agree with definition 1. After all, how can you know you have achieved success if you have not worked toward a desire, followed a plan, or tried to reach a target, goal, or objective? But does that mean, then, that success is solely an end result of an action or series of actions?

See definition 4-the dictionary tells us that definition is obsolete. So if we have not achieved something desired, planned, or attempted, we can still be successful. 3 and 4 is success is the gaining of fame or prosperity and the extent of that gain. We all get can get fifteen minutes of fame, but let's focus on "prosperity" and "the extent of" that prosperity, which must be some kind of a favorable gain.

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