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Tiffani Real9

Tiffani Real9 (18)

Disrespecting the Dead!

769391_cemetary_roadI am writing this because yesterday I was on AOL and I read that Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s “friend,” and dermatologist said that Michael had a gay lover.  For many years people all over the world have had things to say about Michael Jackson, so that is nothing new.  What pissed me off is this man, a supposed friend and confidant of Michael Jackson, would put him out on Front Street, when he is not here to defend himself.

I can go online and see dozens of pictures of Dr. Klein and Michael smiling and I can’t help but wonder what horrible things people will say about me after I leave this earth. The man has children, parents, siblings, and friends that love him and are forced to defend him when they should be allowed time to mourn his death. People will say that he was in the public eye and to that I say, “SO WHAT!” Who Michael Jackson had sex with is none of my business. I don’t believe he was gay but even if he was, again, it is not my business.

Black Man! Daddy!

400643_uncle_and_nephewI want to start out by saying that this is my article filled with things I have seen through my eyes.  I want to thank everyone that participated in the part one of Black Man.  I was going to write about enablers and the black man but I will save that for part three.


There are so many sisters with families. The most important person missing from a lot of these families is daddy. I drive transit buses for a living and for most of the month; you see a majority of women and children. When the first week of the month rolls around, DADDY”S HOME! He’s grocery shopping with his family, getting new clothes and shoes at the mall, his woman is paying HIS bus fare and all is good. When that week is over you don’t see him anymore.

Black Man

407915_street_soldierWARNING:  I am going to piss some people off with what I’m going to say but it needs to be said.  I love black men and would like one of my own but our community is in trouble.  It’s because of this love that I am writing this article.

I was at work last night, driving my bus when I began to think about my poetry cd that I’m working on. I then thought of my poem entitled, “BLACK MAN.” A few of the lines came to my head and then I got the urge to write this article. I will share those lines with you:


Black Sheep!

02241622When I was a little girl my dad was in the military and I remember being at the airport with my grandmother, my brother, and my cousin. I was three or four years old at the time. I remember as we watched the airplanes going into the sky. My cousin and brother were yelling at each other saying, “That’s, my daddy! No, that’s my daddy!” I just looked through the fence, watching the plane, thinking that the army was in the clouds. I imagined men in army uniforms with guns, walking on the clouds. They never shot each other though. When I was seven years old I was in the backyard playing with my brother. We started arguing about who looked like who and we both kept saying that we looked like our father. I started thinking, “I don’t look like my dad.” I went into the house and told my father that I didn’t think I looked at him. It was blown off at the time and I was told to go back outside. For some reason it stayed on my mind and I felt in my heart that the man I knew as my dad wasn’t.

Dedicated to Cheryl! I AM!

1275449_clouds_at_egypt_sky_4I AM

the one who created that beautiful face that you let a doctor butcher up.

Did you think that I made a mistake?


the one that woke you up this morning and opened your eyes.


the one that gave you the fingers to grab the remote that you use to turn on the TV to watch the news.

The Beatdown

860421_police_searchI remember when I was a little girl in elementary school.  In first or second grade a police officer, known as “Officer Friendly,” came to my class, and spoke with us, stating that the police are our friends.  Their jobs are to protect and serve.  I remember being so excited and believing every word that he said.

Now I am thirty-six years old and  forced to see a different reality. So many times over the years I have seen instances of police brutality played out on TV. The most memorable being the 1992 beating of Rodney King. Here it is 2010 and now we have the beating of a 21 year old, University of Maryland student, John McKenna. A young man is in the street after a game, celebrating the win, and he gets the beat down of his life. The Justice Department made a statement saying that when the FBI completes its investigation, they will determine if civil rights laws were violated.

The young man was dancing down the street. He did not have a weapon. He wasn’t even bothering anyone.

Are We Our Brothers Keeper?


I am on my computer every morning and I say good morning to everyone in my chat box. Most will respond and say good morning back. Some will ask how I'm doing, few will hold a conversation for a few minutes, and some will say absolutely nothing.

The other day I was doing my daily ritual, when a wonderful author by the name of Sandra Peterson Lott popped up and told me that I had made her day. I was trying to figure out what I had done to make her say that. Maybe she had read something that I wrote. She said that I had reached out to her and that many people don't do that. She said that she just wanted to thank me. I know it will sound corny but I was touched and brought to tears. Such a small gesture made someone’s day. I was honored and felt great the rest of the day. You never know what a person needs but God does and He used me to bring happiness to someone else.

We can all do that and I challenge you to.

The Death of a Child

pregnantI was taken back to a sad memory today. When I was 18 years old I was in a very abusive relationship. I was the mother of two, with my baby boy fighting for his life in the neonatal unit of Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY.

My son, born at 24 weeks of gestation was in the hospital, due to his father beating me up, while I was at home getting pregnant by a man I couldn’t stand. When I found out I was pregnant I was horrified because my main focus was my son that was in need of his mother. I decided to abort that child. I hated my partner for the pain that my baby was going through and I hated him even more for thinking about sex and wanting me to have another baby by him. At the time I felt I made the best decision and I still believe it today. I was living on a dark road at that time but guess what?

He got me pregnant again!

I couldn’t have another abortion and I was so fearful that my partner would beat me to the point of having another pre-mature delivery. My son eventually lost his vision due to long-term ventilation use.

Afraid of the Truth

02241622I received an email from a friend of mine today.  After reading the note I was very upset because I knew that my friend was very hurt by the turn of events.  You see, Pauline is an author and she was to have a book signing at her church.  The church has about 600 members so she bought 100 copies of her book to sell at the signing.

The pastor had not read her book and he refuses to promote the book in his church due to the married couple having affairs and there being a sex scene in the book. I have the book called, “Winter’s Kisses,” and trust me there is nothing graphic in it at all.

There is no profanity and the book is a story about a married couple that loses their way and through the help of a missionary is able to save their marriage.

DV "Domestic Violence"

MJJ_R.I.P._Im_SO_SADThe other day I walked into a cute little clothing store in my neighborhood.  When I walked inside I was immediately asked by the salesperson to give my opinion about a dress that a customer was trying on.  I told the customer that the dress looked great on her and that I was hating a little bit because she was in such great shape.

The woman looked at herself in the mirror, danced around a bit, and then decided to buy the dress. The salesperson then turned in my direction and asked if there was anything that she could help me with. She was a pretty woman, shorter than me, medium brown complexion, short black hair, and she was a little chubby. After a second, I noticed something very familiar about her. She had a black line under her right eye. I’ve seen that line on my face three times in my life. The salesperson acknowledged my recognition and with words unspoken I told her that I understood and there was no need to be embarrassed. After some small talk and looking around the store, I grabbed a business card, said goodbye, and walked out the door. I looked up to the sky and said a silent prayer for the sister.

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