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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson, was born August 29, 1958 to Katherine and Joseph Jackson.  For 45 years of his life, he was known for being a great entertainer.  Many forget or don't recognize him for life as a very giving humanitarian, spending hundreds of millions of his personal money to people and charities all over the world.

Death of the N-Word

hearseNigger. Nigga. Nigguh. Nucca. Neyeah. Now that we got the shock value out of the way, let’s discuss.

N-words have been chopped, sautéed, seasoned and marinated so much no wonder they’ve lasted so long. They even have several definitions--depending on the pronunciation, of course. How you say them could mean the difference between a punch and embrace.

“You nigger!” Expect a punch. “My nigga!” Expect a hug.

Racists with a major dislike for black folks commonly use “nigger.” Some black folks, skilled in flipping so-called

 bad words into good ones, prefer “nigga” or “nigguh.” For a safer, G-rated version with a dash of humor, go with “nucca.” Rappers and radio DJs sometimes employ a self-censored version that barely sounds like the original with “neyeah.” Lately, though, it seems each N-word translation has blurred a line to create one meaning: a racial epithet to degrade and offend African-Americans. The “a” and “uh” version supposedly symbolize love and friendship, as in “that’s my nigga!”

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me-n-mach Hopefully, everyone has a dream. In life we've all been in search of our destiny. Oft times we follow others, just hoping someone takes the lead. But at the end of the day, it's all up to you and I. Here's an uphill climb that's not impossible. It's hard work and these are the steps Colorz has taken in order to reach the top.

Q: Who is Colorz?
When I have people ask me that, I believe strongly enough that I can tell them that Colorz is the next big thing to make a change in Hip Hop. I believe that I bring a different feeling to the music that I do.

Q: Where are you from?
I'm from Fall River, Massachusetts. A small town just about 45 minuted from our state's capitol, Boston, Massachusetts. Where I'm from is a difficult place to be heard in music. It's such a small city. With so much talent smashing the competition in Boston, it leaves little room for a talent such as mine. However I'm willing to overcome the odds and put Fall River on the map

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