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Beauty Of The Week: Lady Love

Lady Love

What makes me Beauty of the Week? I am a unique model because I am open to all aspects of modeling. I refuse to limit my talents or my dreams. In the course of my career I will have the privilege of participating in product advertisements, commericals, catalogs, book covers, magazines, and event promotions. I exercise my creativity through my work. I use props and costumes to create a memorable theme to my photos. I find this to be a great way to entertain my audience and keep them eager to see more of my work. I ask my audience for feedback on my images so I know what areas I need to improve on. I welcome everyone's opinion because they are the people that support me and therefore made Lady Love. I am a huge fan of Loyalty. I always help those who have helped me, whether it's through promotion, networking or other professional favors. I know how important it is to be humble in this industry, I've put too much work into building professional relationships to let them perish for celebrity and status.


African-American Men in 2010

190848_tradesmanSome of our African-American men of 2010 have strayed from the strong values and lessons taught to them by their African-American parents and other descendants when it comes to a relationship between themselves and the African-American women.  Just reflect for a few moments and understand what I mean.

My mother is a very wise woman.  She learned from having been born and raised by an even stronger African-American woman, my grandmother. When my sisters and I were young, mother and grandmother would have the talk, you know, about boys and men.  I listened as grandmother explained how back in the early years of our nation the men were great husbands and wonderful providers and protectors for their families.

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