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African American Biologist Creates Organic Skin Products


Shenell Bolden
Shenell Bolden

Shenell Bolden has successfully created products that you don’t normally see many African Americans creating “vegan friendly” skin and hair products. This visionary scientist and entrepreneur has created products that are so user friendly that her clientele includes pregnant women, brides, and people with allergies. She is hoping to expand her clientele to potential male clientele, because her products are for all people that want to use organic products. I had a chance to sit down with Shenell to interview her about her skin care line. I was surprised by the interview. At the end, I thought about how Shenell reminded me of a modern day George Washington Carver. However, you read the interview and tell me what you think.

Tiffany: What is your background?

S.B.: I am a Biologist by trade with degrees in Biology and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics. Surprisingly, I am not a vegetarian. I love my veggies, but every now and then I do partake in a steak and potatoes! However, I also understand the need for good skin care products that are not animal based and I celebrate that. I believe in these products. So much so that two years ago I stopped using store bought lotion. Aside from customer testimonials my own hair and skin are in living color proof that these products work.

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Israelis Commit Identity Theft

Identity Theft
Identity Theft
Identity protection such as Life Lock should have been around to stop the Israeli jews, whom now occupy the state of Israel, from stealing the identity of the Hebrew Israelites. Warning: This information may be enlightenment unto the reader.

After the flood of Noah (Genesis 9:15), his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth repopulated the earth. Fast forward the story to the days of Abram, whom named was changed to Abraham, the Father of many nations. Abraham was a Hebrew. (Gen.14:13) Abraham’s loins produced Jacob, his grandson. Jacob’s name was later changed to Israel. (Gen.32:28) Israel produced 12 sons, whom produced the 12 tribes of Israel, also known as the Israelites. (Gen. 46:26) All were from Abraham, the Hebrew.

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Blind Eyes

253599_sunglasses_2Ignorance. A “disease” that taints the mind. If you know its power, then it’s probably infected you, too. No one is immune. Not even me. As a 38-year-old man, I can now pinpoint moments of ignorance in my past, but one moment sticks out...
I was in study hall, my freshman year in high school. Bill, a 16-year-old young man I’d known since childhood, sat across from me. He reached under his desk for a Trigonometry textbook.

My eyebrows flew up, jaw dropping. Bill? In an advanced Math Class? Impossible.

Why my shocked reaction?

Simple. I had learned blacks couldn’t excel in higher learning. Like I said, ignorance.

Media warped a negative view of my own (still does). It spread cancerous propaganda about black people almost daily, its virus poisoning young minds--even those in the same skin.

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