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Bike Season

811547_bikesCan you hear that? It’s the powerful roar of a 600cc, no a 950cc, or maybe its the almighty Hayabusa? It's that time of the year that all speed junkies love. Bike season!

The bitterness of winter has left and the sun is staying around a little longer. Every season more and more newcomers are joining the universal club of speed junkies. The number of motorcycle enthusiasts has steadily increased over the last thirty years. Unfortunately so has the number of motorcycle fatalities.Are they really death machines? Not at all.

Motorcycles are no more dangerous than automobiles. It's all up to the operator to keep the

  highways safe. Whether you are a ten year veteran of riding or this will be your first bike season, it is extremely important to respect the power of motorcycles. Especially the racing bikes also known in the bike world as “crotch rockets.”

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The Boston Celtics -vs- The LA Lakers

The Boston Celtics -vs- The LA Lakers
The Boston Celtics -vs- The LA Lakers
The NBA Finals Are Here:

The Boston Celtics vs The LA Lakers once again. Both teams are more than qualified to win. This is the best of the best throw down for the showdown.

For Boston, the regular season leaders are:

Scoring: P. Pierce - PPG: 18.3, FG%: .472, PTS: 1296

Assists: R. Rondo - APG: 9.8, AST: 794

Rebounds: K. Perkins - RPG: 7.6, REB: 595

Blocks: K. Perkins - BLKPG: 1.69, BLK: 132

Steals: R. Rondo - STLPG: 2.33, STL: 189


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