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The Uninvited Guests at a 4th of July Family Celebration

172asdfsd66A good friend invited me to her Family Reunion Celebration.  For weeks, she and her mom prepared a wonderful menu, great beverages, and delicious desserts with lots of Southern hospitality.  Little did they suspect, the uninvited guests we call “The Klumps,” would be arriving to eat up all the prepared foods.

It was July 4th, 2010. The day began with excitement of my friends relatives from some of the Northern states of the United States.  I helped my friend decorate picnic tables while her father and brothers set up the family grill.  This was a huge grill her father had made from an old oil drum.  It could cook 10 pounds of chicken along with a huge side of pig.  The women were upstairs putting the finishing touches on the side dishes.  They prepared potato salad, crab salad, collards, turnip salad, macaroni & cheese, pasta salads and many delicious desserts.

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