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Spiritual and Physical Wellness Women's Conference

Jasmine2What is spiritual wellness? It means that one has a spiritually sound and healthy relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It is based on the choices we make about our worship and praise or lack of. We are all spiritual beings because we have a spirit. However, if our spirit is not in line with God, we are without a doubt, spiritually unhealthy.

What is physical wellness? It means that our physical being (our body) is healthy, well-maintained, and free of illnesses or disease. Physical wellness is based on the dietary choices and the fitness choices we make. We have often heard, “You are what you eat.” Medical staff will say that if we eat healthy foods, we will be healthy. They will also say that if we eat foods high in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar, we will be fatigued, unhealthy, and that disease awaits us. However, the truth is that if we are spiritually well, physical wellness will follow.

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A Caring Friend

1182890_out_the_doorI have a friend who is older than I. She has a beautiful, kind heart.  She has helped, financially, a good majority of her family members and sacrificed her needs for others. Recently, she was telling me her life story and how all of these family members she's helped. Yet, when she needed them, they closed their doors in her face.

I wanted to share with all of you how some families aren’t there for each other and how some people can use and abuse your friendship. My friend had a nice home, a car and financially able to care for herself.She never married, but did raise a great niece. She has sisters and several brothers, and a few years ago, one brother passed away due to illness.

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Talk Is Cheap

Everything is high. When I say high I mean expensive, overly priced or inflated. From merchandise to food, to health care, everything everywhere is extremely high. We blame it on corporate America. We blame the Bush administration. Now we even want to blame President Obama for not being able to snap his fingers and magically make our economic situations better. We rally. We make a lot of noise but at the end of the day, was all that noise really necessary? Was anything accomplished because we spoke out? Was anything actually done to improve our personal situations?

Nope. Not a thing. Why? Because all of the rallying and chanting and emailing and babbling on incorporated nothing but a dry mouth and what did that cost? Nothing. Talk is cheap and we all know what cheap means. It means lower quality, satisfaction that’s not guaranteed, worthless, senseless, useless and purely a waste of time. So why waste your time talking when talking is cheap? Talking is worth not a penny even on the street.

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