updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Who's Your GOD?


Freedom is what makes this country such a sought after place to live. As you read these words, somewhere in the world a life is being slaughter for their religious or spiritual beliefs. In the states, there is freedom to worship, Jesus the Messiah, Allah, Buddha, money, man, or anything one can imagine. Who is your GOD?

Those who believe in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are called Christians. Christians believe Jesus is the Son of GOD, the Messiah or Christ, foretold about in the Old Testament, and manifested in the new. Christian theology is based on the belief that Jesus, the Messiah was crucified on the cross, buried and rose three days later all in order to save mankind from sin. Also, Christ or the Messiah’s body changed forms and ascended into the heaven where HE sits next to HIS FATHER until the appointed time for the resurrection of the followers.

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