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Spiritual and Physical Wellness Women's Conference

Jasmine2What is spiritual wellness? It means that one has a spiritually sound and healthy relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It is based on the choices we make about our worship and praise or lack of. We are all spiritual beings because we have a spirit. However, if our spirit is not in line with God, we are without a doubt, spiritually unhealthy.

What is physical wellness? It means that our physical being (our body) is healthy, well-maintained, and free of illnesses or disease. Physical wellness is based on the dietary choices and the fitness choices we make. We have often heard, “You are what you eat.” Medical staff will say that if we eat healthy foods, we will be healthy. They will also say that if we eat foods high in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar, we will be fatigued, unhealthy, and that disease awaits us. However, the truth is that if we are spiritually well, physical wellness will follow.

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Chanda L. Roby - God's Attorney At Law

ChandaChanda Latara Roby, 28, of Mendenhall, MS, is the oldest child of three children. She is the daughter of Crystal Roby and the late Gregory Roby, Sr.

Chanda is one who deserves recognition for her ambition, persistence, determination, faithfulness, elegance, and her tranquil spirit. Chanda is an attorney for The Mississippi Center for Justice. She has taken several trips out of the state for work-related business. Washington, D.C. is one of the states that she has visited. Chanda started to pursue her dream in 1999. Despite her dad’s sudden death in 2000, she chose to press onward. Chanda was deeply hurt by her father’s death but she found the strength to continue this journey to be an attorney. In the middle of pursuing her dreams, she helped her mother with her sister, Chaneka, and her brother, Gregory. She has also played the role of big sister to my daughters, Kary and Mercedes.

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