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Mike Spann - Making Things Happen In Mississippi

 Mike Spann - Making Things Happen
Mike Spann - Making Things Happen
Mike "Vursatal" Spann is a 26 y.o. composer/producer for the group "Playa Connected" in Brandon, MS. I met Mike for the first time in April of this year and found out at that time,  just how musically inclined he was. Mike has a deep love for music and spends a great deal of time making new beats and sounds in his studio. The love of music is something he and I both share. Mike has been gifted with an ear for music and he is ready to share his gifts with all of you. I want the world to know about this music engineer. I asked him some questions last week and he responded: 

Who inspires you?  

I'm inspired by who I think is the greatest of all time, “Timbaland.” I say him because of his ability to create music out of almost anything (from recording a baby crying in one of Aaliyah's old songs to hearing about him using plastic cups in a beat to make a song). But I still give much respect to music made by Dr.Dre, Polow Da Don, a duo called The Runners, and can't forget about one of my favorites, Kanye West.

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The Troubles of Lebron James

Lebron James Eastern Conference Finals. As he sits and watches like most of America the conclusion to the NBA playoffs, all signs point towards the ominous date of July 1, where James is expected to be the marquee name of among a gigantic class of free agents on the market. This only adds another chapter to a the career of an athlete who has been from the valley to the mountaintop and everywhere in between at the ripe old age of 25 and who has burdened the hope of so much since he was at the age where most people would be concerned with SAT scores and prom.

Lebron James was given the world before he even entered the summer of his senior season at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School in Akron, Ohio. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, anointed as the next coming of Michael Jordan, and was scheduled to be on national television for the all witnesses to bear full faith and testimony to his greatness. After destroying an Oak Hill Academy super team with five starters that had Division I scholarships on ESPN, the greater American public was ready to believe. As destiny had it, the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers were abysmal with a league-worst 19-63 record and lucked up in the lottery that was called “The Lebron James Sweepstakes”. The phenom from nearby Akron, who was deemed “Next” by everyone in the basketball universe, would be virtually playing at home.

2010 NFL Draft Wrap-Up

NFL draft in 2010So, the 75th edition of the NFL draft in 2010 is over and there is much to hash out over the next few months as draft picks get signed and head into training camps across the league.

As expected, former Oklahoma quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Sam Bradford went #1 overall to the St. Louis Rams. He’s expected to be entrenched as the starter for the rebuilding Rams sometime over the next two seasons. What followed the pick at #1 wasn’t so obvious. After much speculation on every football rumor mill website to the

NFL Network and ESPN, the big first round trade within the top 10 didn’t take place. There was some intrigue in the first round and a recurring theme: 18 of the 32 first round picks were defensive players including 9 defensive linemen. Six other picks in the first round were offensive lineman, perhaps signaling a change in the league over the emphasis that strength up front is vital to a team’s success. Here are The Score's key observations:

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