updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Hold The Fireworks!

127dghfbg3960Today is the day the nation celebrates the great victory over it's once oppressor, England. Backyards are filled with savory aromas, gleeful children, and some just glad for a much needed day off with pay. Once the sun sets for the night, the sky will illuminate with fireworks from every township and city celebrating and commemorating the blood sweat, and tears of many young men from long ago. The irony is that these same men, considered traitors and guilty of treasons by some, successfully won their independence and then for centuries afterwards would deprive others of the same freedoms they fought so valiantly to enjoy.

President Barack Hussein Obama, leader of the United States of America is among such oppressed populations. Many nations celebrated as he won a position known to have the highest and strongest color barrier. But is his victory enough for all to forget that in July 1776 not all men or women were free or equal. Can the merciless slaughter of thousands of natives be forgiven with just one act of acceptance? The answers to these questions are debatable. There is a verse in the army fight song that says, 'Proud of all that we have done, fighting til the battle is won.' Yet if they entire history books were opened, nothing hidden at all, George Washington himself would be ashamed.

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