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Spiritual and Physical Wellness Women's Conference

Jasmine2What is spiritual wellness? It means that one has a spiritually sound and healthy relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It is based on the choices we make about our worship and praise or lack of. We are all spiritual beings because we have a spirit. However, if our spirit is not in line with God, we are without a doubt, spiritually unhealthy.

What is physical wellness? It means that our physical being (our body) is healthy, well-maintained, and free of illnesses or disease. Physical wellness is based on the dietary choices and the fitness choices we make. We have often heard, “You are what you eat.” Medical staff will say that if we eat healthy foods, we will be healthy. They will also say that if we eat foods high in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar, we will be fatigued, unhealthy, and that disease awaits us. However, the truth is that if we are spiritually well, physical wellness will follow.

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Dedicated to Cheryl! I AM!

1275449_clouds_at_egypt_sky_4I AM

the one who created that beautiful face that you let a doctor butcher up.

Did you think that I made a mistake?


the one that woke you up this morning and opened your eyes.


the one that gave you the fingers to grab the remote that you use to turn on the TV to watch the news.

For The Love of Money

1138186_man_sleeping_on_the_groundThe first time I came to Atlanta, I was on a Greyhound bus on my way to Macon, GA and I saw about 50 people lined up on the sidewalk. I thought they were shooting a movie or something. Ten years later I moved to Atlanta and that's when I found out that there was no movie being shot ten years prior. I found out, that for the 50 people I saw, there were hundreds more all over the city. They were homeless. What's worse is there are many homeless shelters here and they are filled to capacity. Why? What saddens me is people walk around them like they don't exist. Some of them have lost jobs, some are mentally challenged, drug addicts, and veterans.
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