updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Summers on my grandparent's farm

766162_3764ojToday was pool day for my 3 year-old grandson Matthew. As I watched him run, jump and scream as he and his little cousins ran in and out of the pool, it brought back memories long ago of my sisters and I and the fun we shared on my grandparent's farm here in rural North Carolina.

I was the eldest being 10 years-old and the sisters, Harriet, 8 years-old, Charlotte, a cousin who was also 8 years-old and Angela, the baby who was 3 years-old, would run and play for hours in the hot summer weather. We chased butterflies, picked blackberries, hopscotch, jump rope and many more wonderful outdoor activities. We put on outdoor plays in the backyard. I pretended I was Diana Ross, singing into an old corn husk grandpa had left discarded outside, while my sisters were the Supremes and James Lee was a one of the Pips. Some children today have no clue how much fun outdoor activities can be. Some of our modern day generation of youth, spend time with video games, MP3 players, cellular telephones, and other activities which can hinder their growth instead of enhancing their social skills.

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