updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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Oil Spill or Not?

740237_oil_spillIt has been reported that BP is still trying to cap off the oil leak in the Gulf. Despite their efforts, the oil has continued to leak. Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General) stated in an interview that an investigation is being done, but did not elaborate on who is being investigated. Greater than 340 million gallons of oil is suspected to have leaked into the gulf as of last week. Some young scientists are testing the waters and have found several plumes of oil in the gulf.

The question that remains in the minds of the citizens in the U.S. is, “What does this mean for us?” The oil has traveled to Alabama and Mississippi. Governor Haley Barbour (MS Governor) stated that the oil spill in the Petit Bois Island (near Pascagoula, MS) was not as bad as he thought. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill was detected on April 20, 2010 and continues to spill out into the Gulf. Other questions come to mind is, “Are we breathing in any fumes from the spill?”


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Spiritual and Physical Wellness Women's Conference

Jasmine2What is spiritual wellness? It means that one has a spiritually sound and healthy relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It is based on the choices we make about our worship and praise or lack of. We are all spiritual beings because we have a spirit. However, if our spirit is not in line with God, we are without a doubt, spiritually unhealthy.

What is physical wellness? It means that our physical being (our body) is healthy, well-maintained, and free of illnesses or disease. Physical wellness is based on the dietary choices and the fitness choices we make. We have often heard, “You are what you eat.” Medical staff will say that if we eat healthy foods, we will be healthy. They will also say that if we eat foods high in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar, we will be fatigued, unhealthy, and that disease awaits us. However, the truth is that if we are spiritually well, physical wellness will follow.

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Community Awareness After the Storm

IMAGE_050In spite of the ruins left behind on April 24, 2010, from the greater than 1 mile wide tornado, the residents of Lexington, MS, decided to continue with their 2nd Annual Community Awareness Event. This event was scheduled for April 24, 2010, but was rescheduled due to the severe weather conditions.

On May 1, 2010, the weather conditions were not most favorable, but did allow for the event to take place. This event was held in an effort to raise awareness about and to prevent sexual violence on school campuses.

Included were sack races, half court basketball, volley ball, hanging apple blindfold game, and a speed stack competition. Several vendors were set up and were selling candles and several different types of jewelry. Census 2010 had a table set up as well as a table with information about “Healthy Eating Tips.” My book, “Temporary Power Outages,” was also on display and available for purchase. The most precious table that was on

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