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Strap Up …It’s Belt Time!

Strap_Up_Its_Belt_Time_By_Sherrie_CottonIt’s time to “strap up” and accessorize with spunky belts!

Fashionable belts can add style and fun to any outfit! Be sure to get the right size! You don’t want your tummy uncomfortable all day. Leather, cloth, snaps or hole-punch belt, it’s just plain old time to add more to that plain old dress, or blouse!

The perfect black dress can sometimes be boring. Be creative; add a belt with embellishment when wearing a plain dress or blouse. It’ll wake up that dress or blouse that’s been asleep on you for years!

You can buy studded belts, big buckles, stretch, or fashionable designer leather belts to compliment any old or new dress! Don't be shy, play with different colors too! Belts typically range in size from small, medium, to large. From time-to-time you

Gear Up Your Gold!

Gear_Up_Your_Gold_By_Sherrie_CottonWho looks good in Gold? Keep reading to get the answer!

Everyone looks good in Gold with do’s and don’ts. So, “gear up your gold” for your next style! Wearing gold can be traumatic looking on some. If you are extremely dark toned, gold will make you look darker. It tends to look harsh. If you have dark skin, you can wear gold, but only with brown, tan or white to even things out. You don’t want gold accessories to outshine your natural beauty.

Fair or light skinned complexions look best in gold. It looks natural next to the skin tone. You should wear gold with orange, brown, tan, army green, or white, which will add more of a lustrous look on you!

Gold Do’s

Showcase of Silver

Showcase_of_Silver_By_Sherrie_CottonSpring into the “showcase of silver!”

Silver shoes can be coordinated with navy blue, black, white or almost any color! Sassy silver is becoming for warmer climates! Weddings, birthday parties, or just to go out on the town!

Jazz up your silver shoes with a beaded hand held purse to give the accessories that pop! Choose styles that enhance your feet as well as your legs! Always paint your toes when wearing sandals, or have a pedicure. If money is an issue, do them yourself. But, never wear sandals without a pedicure or freshly painted toes, it’s the first thing people will see when they look at your new hot summer sandals!

Silver is a lively accessory that is sophisticated, and stylish! It shows individuality, and should be considered with

Are Metallic’s for Work or Play?

Mettalic_For_Work_or_Play_By_SCWhether gold metallic, black, silver, etc, you can wear them for work or play!

Wearing metallic in the past has been typically worn for play, you know after hours. For a party, New Years Eve, Birthdays, Christmas, or Thanksgiving to appear festive! Well, times have changed! You can wear them for work or play!

Sporting metallic in the day time can be worn, such as a blouse; it should be toned down in the office with a dark jacket or vest. You wouldn’t want to look like you’re going to the office Christmas party early! A metallic camisole can be worn under a suit, with small plain jewelry, so that it is not over emphasized.

Add Prints In Your Wardrobe!

Exotic_Prints_By_Sherrie_CottonHave you ever wanted to jump into a pattern you’re unsure of ?

Well, you can start with black and white; it must be in every woman’s wardrobe! These are basic colors that go with anything! Adding some color and texture, such as zebra print will liven up any outfit!

Spring into 2010 with prints that are visually exciting bold patterns you can tone down with a plain piece. Grab a tote bag, or clutch with the same colors in your outfit to give it a more glamorous look. In this instance, accessories can be silver, white or black! Whatever pieces you decide to wear, do it classy and with individual style!

Shop smart, not hard! Let your woman’s fashion intuition lead you.

How to look and feel your very best without breaking your pocketbook!


Step into today’s professional fashion without breaking your wallet!...Here's how......

Today’s fashion industry is booming. Although the economy has crippled many of us, we still seek to feel good, look good, and dress to impress. There are many ways to feel and look your very best without breaking your pocketbook!

Set a spending limit for yourself; do not go over shopping allowance.

Look for sales, and clearance items, do not purchase at full retail price.

Use gift cards or 25%-50% off coupons in retail store ads; with gift cards you spend no money!

Only purchase clothing and beauty products when needed or special occasions. Do not impulse shop! You’ll end up buying items you already have or don’t need.

Ladies, turn your “BLAH” Style into “AHH” Style!

outfit_layed_out What’s in your closet? If you’re not sure, first cheat by getting fashion tips from “Up the Way Magazine!” Our online Fashion tips are sure to make you shine! At UTWM, you will maximize your wardrobe and minimize your cost!

Start by getting rid of clothing you don’t wear. If you haven’t worn a garment in over a year, more than likely you won’t. Toss it out! If you dig around and find things that is no longer stylish, non-flattering, too small, too big, out-of-style or just plain old “BLAH” clothing it’s time to toss them out! Give them out! Give birth and make space for styles that make you look “AHH!” Remember, mixing and matching

Trends in 2010

blue-boot1 Hot pants and printed leggings are back and bigger than ever! In order to represent these styles properly, one must ‘rock’ the proper pair of shoes with their ensemble.The following is a color chart depicting the palette for Spring/Summer 2010. You can compliment Cardinal Purple with Purple Ash or Duck with Turquoise Light, however I suggest be daring and wear Cardinal Purple with Peppermint, Duck with Bubble Gum or Grenadine and Storm. Whatever you decide to wear, have fun and be creative!

Tie Into A Knot

Mens_TiesMen, you can definitely liven up that corporate suit! Breathe some color into that interview, or corporate meeting with natural individual style!

Accessorize with multicolored ties with suits to bring out the beast in you! Conservatively speaking, wear black, navy suits but open the onlookers eyes by gearing up stripe, polka-dots, and bold printed ties to make that outfit stand out amongst the rest! Tie into the Nottingham look, its trendy, unique and hot!

Once you’ve got your swag on, be sure that your jewelry is coordinated with your suit, nothing too flashy with a conservative suit on. You may mix polka dots with stripes as long as they are in the same color family. A crisp white Ralph Lauren Shirt is always a golden look in a power meeting or interview.

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