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The Boston Celtics -vs- The LA Lakers

The Boston Celtics -vs- The LA Lakers
The Boston Celtics -vs- The LA Lakers
The NBA Finals Are Here:

The Boston Celtics vs The LA Lakers once again. Both teams are more than qualified to win. This is the best of the best throw down for the showdown.

For Boston, the regular season leaders are:

Scoring: P. Pierce - PPG: 18.3, FG%: .472, PTS: 1296

Assists: R. Rondo - APG: 9.8, AST: 794

Rebounds: K. Perkins - RPG: 7.6, REB: 595

Blocks: K. Perkins - BLKPG: 1.69, BLK: 132

Steals: R. Rondo - STLPG: 2.33, STL: 189


For LA, the regular season leaders are:

Scoring: K. Bryant - PPG: 27.0, FG%: .456, PTS: 1970

Assists: K. Bryant - APG: 5.0, AST: 365

Rebounds: P. Gasol - RPG: 11.3, REB: 734

Blocks: P. Gasol - BLKPG: 1.74, BLK: 113

Steals: K. Bryant - STLPG: 1.55, STL: 113

With the deck stacked and all the players in the game, will their Playoff History be a deciding factor for the players and well wishers?

The Celtics won their last Championship in 2008. Last season though, the Celtics lost in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Keep in mind though, the Boston Celtics have 17 Championships under their belt.

Bringing the pressure however, the LA Lakers are the defending champions, having just won in 2009. They have a total of 15 championships under their belt, 5 of them when they were the Minneapolis Lakers.

I must remain neutral because I'm a Julius Erving, Michael Jordan type of guy. So, I'll leave it to you: Who do you think is going to bring home the prize?


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