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About Us

Welcome to Up The Way Magazine, the home of socially conscious breaking news and information. We are the only news media that's for the people and by the people. Here we feature the news as it's brought to our attention suggested by our members and staff in hopes to make a difference.

News tips are to be emailed directly to the Publisher/CEO Benjamin Janey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please include a call back number for an immediate response. Also, by logging on to our sister website Devyn's List at www.devynslist.com in the group section, you'll find the Up The Way group. You may leave any suggestions regarding stories you'd like to see brought to the forefront.

As we grow, we'd like for you all to take advantage of our FREE membership, so that you'll be able to post comments on the articles that you've appreciated most. Please read the Memebership Requirements before joining so that we're understanding that this is a magazine, not a social website.

A change has come and we are that change. Thank you for stopping by, and since you're here, join us today.

Thank you,

Benjamin Janey

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