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Community Fest At The Vine


67fbWhat is growing on the vine of your life? We have all heard the nursery rhyme, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Well, I don’t know what Mary is growing in her garden, but I know it depends on what Mary is sowing.

Today, I saw seeds of praise and fellowship being sown as community churches (Truevine M.B. Church, Evergreen United Methodist, Pilgrim Rest M.B. Church & Saint Hill C.O.G.I.C.), all of Brandon, MS, assembled together at Truevine M.B. Church to offer their best praises to God. These churches get together yearly for two days of fellowship and praise.

They assembled together on Saturday at Evergreen United Methodist Church (Pastor Carter) for the community picnic which is always a blessing. However, today’s event was a historical event because this is the first year that these churches have assembled together for community worship services at the Vine (Truevine). Pastor Marcus Mann, pastor of Sylvarena M.B. Church was the messenger for today. He enlightened us about “Power in Our Praise.” He explained that when we get connected to Judah, our Perez (Son of Judah, which means divider) will cause some things to fall off. He explained that God will remove all the things that are hindering our praise. He also told us that we need to come to church and “work out” for Jesus. He stated that we will be lighter when we leave. Hallelujah!

Pastor Kelvin Langston told us that Truevine is not bucking for members but are rather bucking for souls. He stated that they are trying to help some people become saved.  Truevine’s Mime Team offered praises to God through dance, while the Community Fest Choir blessed us with songs of praise. I was thoroughly blessed by this event and I decided to write a poem to dedicate to all of the churches, families and friends:

Community Fest at the Vine

Mary, Mary might be quite contrary,

And I don’t know how her gardens grow.

All I know is that when harvesting time comes,

Truevine, Evergreen, Pilgrim Rest and Saint Hill will know.

For these four churches came together,

And planted some seeds of their own.

We really can’t wait until next year,

To see how these seeds have grown.

They sang, and they offered praise,

We all had a marvelous time.

Our hearts will always remember,

The Community Fest at the Vine.

By: Sandra Lott
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