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The page I had to turn

Cedes Lott

I sit and think
As my thoughts come and sink
"What did I do?"
For you to do those things you chose to do
Without a care in the world about how I felt
When you only cared about what you wanted,
Just only about yourself
When I was faithful as I could be
Oh NOW you wanna take notice and see
All the things I did for you and me.
Now its too late,
I can honestly say
"I wish I never met you that day"
How could I fall in love and trust you?
A person who kept secrets, cheated, and never told the truth
I dont care who you with or what you do
Long as you keep your distance between me and you
I had to move on and get over you
Yes, it hurt
But it was something I had to do.
Cuz I realized you didnt love me
The way I loved you
So dont even come at me
Talkin bout what youve realized now

And what you "Wanna Be"
Cuz what you dont realize and fail to see,
Is dat the chapter has ended to you and me!

Written By Mercedes Lott

by Sandra Lott
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