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Mike Spann - Making Things Happen In Mississippi

 Mike Spann - Making Things Happen
Mike Spann - Making Things Happen
Mike "Vursatal" Spann is a 26 y.o. composer/producer for the group "Playa Connected" in Brandon, MS. I met Mike for the first time in April of this year and found out at that time,  just how musically inclined he was. Mike has a deep love for music and spends a great deal of time making new beats and sounds in his studio. The love of music is something he and I both share. Mike has been gifted with an ear for music and he is ready to share his gifts with all of you. I want the world to know about this music engineer. I asked him some questions last week and he responded: 

Who inspires you?  

I'm inspired by who I think is the greatest of all time, “Timbaland.” I say him because of his ability to create music out of almost anything (from recording a baby crying in one of Aaliyah's old songs to hearing about him using plastic cups in a beat to make a song). But I still give much respect to music made by Dr.Dre, Polow Da Don, a duo called The Runners, and can't forget about one of my favorites, Kanye West.

From Tchaichovsky to Zollicoffer

From Tchaichovsky to Zollicoffer
From Tchaichovsky to Zollicoffer

Most people are familiar with Tchaichovsky, composer of music during the Romantic Era, but look out world because Vandrick Zollicoffer is on the rise. He is a composer of gospel music from today's Christian Era. “Van” is presently one of our musicians for the Rose Hill M.B. Church. It is obvious that this young man loves music. When he plays, it is almost as if his spirit comes out in his chords. We are very fortunate to have Vandrick as one of our musicians as well as Toni Newsome, and Joshua Milton. Van is also married to Keyana, daughter of our pastor & first lady (Pastor Arthur and Sis. Dorothy Milton). Review questions and answers are as follows:


Where were you born?

I was born in Sallis, MS.


What are your parents’ names?

Pastor Van and Sis. Annie Zollicoffer.


What all do you do in terms of music (playing, writing, etc.)?

I arrange and compose music. I have been playing for 7 years and producing music for 5 years.

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