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White Chocolate Music


White Chocolate Music

There was a time when soul music was sung by artist of the *clears throat* chocolate nature. Now, soul music flows from the mouths of artist of all races. Especially the Caucasian race. Proving that music is a great equalizer. This is not a racial article by any means. In fact, maybe I should .


What exactly is soul music you ask? Some define soul music as a music genre that is a combination of gospel, rhythm, and blues. I go a little deeper. I define it as hip shaking music that cause you to fall in and out of love.

Artist like Jon B., Remy Shand, and Robin Thicke have been melting the hearts of women all around the world for years. With voices so unbelievably organic, it makes it hard to believe they are “completely white. Causing their audience to think “they must have some black in them.” Robin Thicke is a prominent sex symbol in today‘s music. He has been the cause of sexual fantasies among women since he was riding his bike around the streets of Manhattan singing “When I Get You Alone.” Now he has Grandmothers, mothers, and daughters fighting over him at the dinner table. I could only imagine how many panties have been thrown at him on stage.

I Heart Hip Hop

1190521_music_heartsWith all the highly publicized tragedies to Hip Hop, i.e. the murder of Jason Mizell, aka Jam Master Jay, Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie, and Tupac Shakur, outsiders may wonder why we still love Hip Hop so much.

Hip Hop repeatedly loses artists to either the graveyard or the prison yards but yet right now somewhere is the USA and the globe abroad there is an aspiring young man or woman with mic dreams. As my mix of Jay- Z plays in the background I thought of the best way to explain. When emcees with colorful names first appeared along with poppers and breakers wearing sweat suits, Hip Hop was dubbed as a “fad”. Critics didn’t give Hip Hop five years to last. Now over twenty years later Hip Hop is worldwide. So what’s the attraction?

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