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Beauty of The Week: Fiordaliza

Charles Fiordaliza

Name: Fiordaliza Charles
Age: 30
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 180 lbs
Nationality: Dominican
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Occupation: Author/Paralegal/Student
Hobbies: cooking, writing poetry, reading, dancing, traveling and others
Talents: author, translator, promoter

A Gold Digger's Guide

Receiving a great deal of publicity for her new book, A Golddigger’s Guide, successful CEO and author Baje Fletcher schools aspiring women on how to play the game to get what they want.

On the rough road to Hollywood, countless beauties searching for fame and fortune become overwhelmed by the seedy advances of self-proclaimed “powerful men” who promise to make them a household name. Such men include sleazy executives, producers, entertainers, sports stars and even corporate professionals who prey on unsuspecting, beautiful women naïvely ready to “do anything for fame.”

When these men get to star model and author Baje Fletcher however, the game gets flipped on them and she’s taking no prisoners in the process. Having been there and done that, or at the very least, observed the effects such “poor choices” have had on other women, Baje is turning the tables and making a profit.

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Love Finally


Love Finally

In the novel Love Finally, Carla Milford is a successful attorney who has it all, not to mention her beauty and owning a magnificent home in the city of Atlanta. When her former relationship goes bad, Carla wants nothing more than to discover true love to make her life feel complete. She decides to get back on the dating scene, but seems to have no luck. She then meets Tony Simmons, who seems too good to be true. Tony has everything Carla ever wanted in a man, but there is just one area that he falls short in. What started as a sexual relationship, evolved into feelings beyond her control. Fearful of how she may be judged by her peers and criticizing mother, Carla refuses to give into her feelings for Tony or allow him to come into her life permanently.

Her best friend, Tamika, eventually convinces Carla to give Tony a chance; and when Carla decides to take Tamika’s advice, an unexpected Sergio shows up on the scene and causes drama to follow Carla everywhere she goes. Sergio is determined to make Carla love him and he will stop at nothing until she gives into his demand. Now faced to make a decision between Tony and Sergio, Carla finds that her life has evolved into a soap opera and must make a choice before everything she’s worked so hard for goes down the drain; but then something happens that may cause Carla to find herself losing everything…


By: Nakeisia(author)Reid
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