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The Beatdown

860421_police_searchI remember when I was a little girl in elementary school.  In first or second grade a police officer, known as “Officer Friendly,” came to my class, and spoke with us, stating that the police are our friends.  Their jobs are to protect and serve.  I remember being so excited and believing every word that he said.

Now I am thirty-six years old and  forced to see a different reality. So many times over the years I have seen instances of police brutality played out on TV. The most memorable being the 1992 beating of Rodney King. Here it is 2010 and now we have the beating of a 21 year old, University of Maryland student, John McKenna. A young man is in the street after a game, celebrating the win, and he gets the beat down of his life. The Justice Department made a statement saying that when the FBI completes its investigation, they will determine if civil rights laws were violated.

The young man was dancing down the street. He did not have a weapon. He wasn’t even bothering anyone.

Chanda L. Roby - God's Attorney At Law

ChandaChanda Latara Roby, 28, of Mendenhall, MS, is the oldest child of three children. She is the daughter of Crystal Roby and the late Gregory Roby, Sr.

Chanda is one who deserves recognition for her ambition, persistence, determination, faithfulness, elegance, and her tranquil spirit. Chanda is an attorney for The Mississippi Center for Justice. She has taken several trips out of the state for work-related business. Washington, D.C. is one of the states that she has visited. Chanda started to pursue her dream in 1999. Despite her dad’s sudden death in 2000, she chose to press onward. Chanda was deeply hurt by her father’s death but she found the strength to continue this journey to be an attorney. In the middle of pursuing her dreams, she helped her mother with her sister, Chaneka, and her brother, Gregory. She has also played the role of big sister to my daughters, Kary and Mercedes.

A Special Friend

empty_boxI have a special friend who is more like a son to me.  He’s got a heart filled with nothing but love for everyone.  This young man was born into a family who just doesn’t extend him the love he deserves.  When he was born, his mom didn’t want him.  He was adopted to an outside family.  His biological family is many in numbers, yet no one wanted him at birth.  I don’t understand how this family could let someone as nice as him be placed elsewhere.  Sometimes I see sadness within his face.  He longs to be loved and treated with the respect which he deserves.  He told me how evil and hateful his biological mom was, and even his dad never wanted him in his life.  He has aunts and uncles who’re all the same and just cast this young man aside as though he never existed.  I’ve tried to help him in many ways, to overcome all the hurt and pain.  At last this pain has built up so much over the years that this young man wants closure in his life.

My friend told me when he was 13 years-old, he went to seek his biological mother just to ask, why did she give him up for adoption?  He knocked on her door, she answered and he asked her why?  She cursed my friend and told him to never come near her again.  She also told her innocent, 13 year-old son that she hated him.  To this day, he never asked her why the anger or even why the hatred?  I was in shock when he told me his story.  My heart began to hurt and I felt his pain as he remembered his mother telling him to stay away from her.  He just wanted some answers for closure in his life.  She didn’t have to decency to tell him the truth.

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