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Would You Stay?

Would you Stay is my opinion on various real situations in everyday life, if not your life then of264245_whats_that someone that you may know.  I took the time to address them in this simple poem I wrote.  Please take the time out and think about these words!!!!

Would you stay with your spouse if he cheated on you?

Would you stay with your spouse after you’ve done all you could do?

Would You Stay?

Would you stay with your spouse if he called you names?

Would you stay with your spouse playing stupid childish games?

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Creatively Yours Poetry


Out of generations of slavery are born people of many colors.

Our identities denied by years of oppression.

We were born proud and true, a race among many,

whom God brought forth, to serve Him not mankind.

We must not hate our oppressors, for the Bible has taught us to love.

We were born out of slavery and put on earth to be free.

We didn’t ask for this life, of beatings and lynching.

We didn’t ask to be raped, and have our dignities destroyed,

our children born of fair skin, blue-eyed and straight hair.

We were born out of slavery, to save all men and women,

from hatred, poverty, but mostly to stand as an equal

in the eyes of all men.

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Black African Pride


I see black women, beautiful, in all shapes and sizes.

Strong thick lips filled with a ray of hope.

I hear their voices, singing and praising God.

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