updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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The Week that Was: Celtics Up 3-2, Strasburg-mania, World Cup Kicks Off

1ablog-natebigbabyx-inset-communityLast week was a huge week in sports. The Finals shifted back to Boston, where the series took another turn; the most hyped phenom in baseball made his debut a thing to remember and the biggest event of the world's most popular game kicked off in South Africa. Here's a look back at the week that was.

NBA Finals: Celtics-Lakers
As it stands now: Celtics up 3-2

Paul Pierce was heard at the end of a Celtics win in L.A. saying that the Celtics wouldn't come back there-meaning Boston would win the next three at home to take the series. Game 3 took care of that notion as the Lakers played inspired basketball, led by Derek Fisher's huge 4th quarter. Boston turned up the defensive intensity in Game 4 and got big bench games from Glen 'Big Baby' Davis and Nate Robinson to pull even. Last night, Kobe Bryant exploded for 38 points in the 2nd half, but the Celtics put the clamps on the rest of the Lakers and held on for a gritty win in Game 5. The series shifts back to L.A. and if the Lakers have any chance, they have got to get production out of their role players. There is no way, even at home, that the Lakers will win from an average of 35 points from Bryant and 10-15 points from Gasol. Artest, Odom, Fisher and Bynum must all step up. I'll go out on a limb and state that the winner of Game 6 will win the series. Not hardly a leap, but I think if the Lakers can pull it out tomorrow night, they will win Game 7 at home.

Beauty Of The Week: Lady Love

Lady Love

What makes me Beauty of the Week? I am a unique model because I am open to all aspects of modeling. I refuse to limit my talents or my dreams. In the course of my career I will have the privilege of participating in product advertisements, commericals, catalogs, book covers, magazines, and event promotions. I exercise my creativity through my work. I use props and costumes to create a memorable theme to my photos. I find this to be a great way to entertain my audience and keep them eager to see more of my work. I ask my audience for feedback on my images so I know what areas I need to improve on. I welcome everyone's opinion because they are the people that support me and therefore made Lady Love. I am a huge fan of Loyalty. I always help those who have helped me, whether it's through promotion, networking or other professional favors. I know how important it is to be humble in this industry, I've put too much work into building professional relationships to let them perish for celebrity and status.


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