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What's Wrong With Our Society?

1164983_happy_family_What’s wrong with our Society?

When I think about the sacrifices I had to make in order to attend a university, I get angry when I see our youth wasting precious time and money just playing around. They walk around with a no care attitude thinking that society owes them something. Instead of being grateful for the opportunity to attend school, they party all night, drive expensive automobiles and living a life of luxury.

All I can say is, “I pity the person who uses their money foolishly on children who just waste it.”

That’s what’s wrong with our society. As parents, some have strayed away from the lessons taught to them by their parents and grandparents. We spend so much time worrying whether or not our children love us instead of

showing them what real love is all about. These children should be raised with a strong work ethic and also respect for their elders. You should hear the filth that comes out of some of their mouths or listen to that filthy rap music they listen to. Parents need to take the time and communicate with these young adults. Listen to them and their music. As a matter of fact, some parents today are no better than their children. I’ve sat in my car at stoplights and next to me is some child’s parent listening to nasty, disgusting lyrics recorded by a rap singer.

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Badu Fogs up the "Window Seat"…with Truth

erykahbaduOn Monday, March 29, 2010, singer Erykah Badu exposed her bottom, the Nation’s agenda of self-sabotage and sexual hypocrisy in her new music video for “Window Seat,” the opening single for her latest album New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh.In the video, Badu is walking in public slowly stripping away layers of clothing until she is naked, then shot in the head. The footage was taped on the same Dallas, TX street where U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Her overall message was that individuality was being eliminated by one another. We are all bound to conformity, and fear things that we don’t understand. Therefore, we must shed the layers of insecurities from ourselves in order to grow.

Badu herself indicated that she expected controversy and backlash. Hence, as the days have gone by, it seems that her curvaceous nakedness is getting more attention than the political and social symbolism of the Kennedy assassination. The taboo that’s attached to nudity in today’s music imagery is what’s at the heart of the controversy. Before anyone relegates Badu to just another female artist trying to salaciously attract attention to sell records, please consider the following:

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Add Prints In Your Wardrobe!

Exotic_Prints_By_Sherrie_CottonHave you ever wanted to jump into a pattern you’re unsure of ?

Well, you can start with black and white; it must be in every woman’s wardrobe! These are basic colors that go with anything! Adding some color and texture, such as zebra print will liven up any outfit!

Spring into 2010 with prints that are visually exciting bold patterns you can tone down with a plain piece. Grab a tote bag, or clutch with the same colors in your outfit to give it a more glamorous look. In this instance, accessories can be silver, white or black! Whatever pieces you decide to wear, do it classy and with individual style!

Shop smart, not hard! Let your woman’s fashion intuition lead you.

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