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She's Luenell


Up The Way Magazine is constantly growing. With hardtimes upon many, we all could use a good laugh. I could tell you a joke or two myself. But, when I'm not working and have a minute or two to kick back, this is who makes me laugh. She's definitely funny and a Super Star. She's appeared in several films and music videos. She's constantly on tour around the globe. With a schedule that's quite demanding, she's shared herself with me for you. Ladies and gentleman, I present Luenelle.


Q: For Luenell, where did it all begin?

A: I was born in Tollette, Arkansas. At two months thru the age 5, I was brought to California. I lived in Berkley and Oakland. I was mostly educated in a white suburb of the Bay area called Asheboro Valley, California. I went to college in Hayward.

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12715_4646Merriam Webster defines the word dream as a visionary creation of the imagination. Kayne West wrote a beautiful ode, I Wonder, about dreams. Why are these visionary creations so important? What do they mean?

The best selling book of all time and the best selling book every year, (http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2006), is the King James Version of the Bible. The Book of Proverbs, chapter 29 verse 18 warns, without vision, the people perish.  Dreams are necessary for survival.  It was a dream that eventually actualized the 44th President of the United States. It was a vision that led to this publication being viewed by thousands. But how do these dreams, these visionary images that feel so real, that often keep one from sleeping develop?

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Talk Is Cheap

Everything is high. When I say high I mean expensive, overly priced or inflated. From merchandise to food, to health care, everything everywhere is extremely high. We blame it on corporate America. We blame the Bush administration. Now we even want to blame President Obama for not being able to snap his fingers and magically make our economic situations better. We rally. We make a lot of noise but at the end of the day, was all that noise really necessary? Was anything accomplished because we spoke out? Was anything actually done to improve our personal situations?

Nope. Not a thing. Why? Because all of the rallying and chanting and emailing and babbling on incorporated nothing but a dry mouth and what did that cost? Nothing. Talk is cheap and we all know what cheap means. It means lower quality, satisfaction that’s not guaranteed, worthless, senseless, useless and purely a waste of time. So why waste your time talking when talking is cheap? Talking is worth not a penny even on the street.

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