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A Call To Action

James_wAs a black man, I sometimes feel handcuffed to a reality low on hope and rampant in stereotype. According to media, black men are destined to live at the bottom-of-the-barrel. I don’t want to hear that mess. I grew tired of shaking my head and I wanted to do something.

I decided to invest in one person, not a group. Big Brothers Big Sisters Association gave me that opportunity. With BBBSA, they only required me to spend time with a young man twice a month for a year. Even with my military schedule, I knew I could commit.

I asked for a young African American male, my personal call to action, sort of speak. Black boys stayed in waiting

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Single on Valentine's Day

valentine love

For as far back as I can remember, there was always an unnecessary hype about the need to have someone for Valentine’s Day. Women would always expect to receive a gift of some sort from their significant other or sometimes, someone else’s man. Many times I believed it to be a way to compete with the next chick˗˗˗˗˗˗you know: who’s with who and who is getting what. If you ask me, I believed it to be somewhat immature.

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How to look and feel your very best without breaking your pocketbook!


Step into today’s professional fashion without breaking your wallet!...Here's how......

Today’s fashion industry is booming. Although the economy has crippled many of us, we still seek to feel good, look good, and dress to impress. There are many ways to feel and look your very best without breaking your pocketbook!

Set a spending limit for yourself; do not go over shopping allowance.

Look for sales, and clearance items, do not purchase at full retail price.

Use gift cards or 25%-50% off coupons in retail store ads; with gift cards you spend no money!

Only purchase clothing and beauty products when needed or special occasions. Do not impulse shop! You’ll end up buying items you already have or don’t need.

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