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Running For Relay For Life

220px-American_Cancer_Society_Relay_For_LifeIn May 1985, Dr. Gordon Klatt, a colorectal surgeon from Tacoma, Washington decided he wanted to raise money for the American Cancer Society in honor of his patients. Honor patients that have cancer or had cancer. For 24 hours, Dr. Klatt walked around the track. Throughout the night, friends paid $25 to run or walk 30 minutes with him. He walked approximately 83 miles and raised $27,000 to fight cancer. Nearly 300 of Dr. Klatt's friends, family, and patients watched as he ran and walked the course. After this successful event, Dr. Klatt thought about how other people could partake in a similar 24-hour event in communities across the country. He recruited a small team of people and put on the first Relay For Life event in 1986. Since then, Relay has developed into an overnight event where people bring tents and sleep out around the tracks.

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Daymond John

daymondDaymond John was born in 1969 in Brooklyn, NY and his parents raised him in Hollis, Queens.

John is one of five that appear on the Television show Shark Tank, where they lend money,  from thousands-to-millions to individuals in need of starting their own business and making it big.

John mortgaged his house and took out a $100,000 loan to start designing and selling hats. In 1992 he started FUBU (For Us By Us) and is President/CEO.  John is also the Author of two best-selling books, “Display of Power” and “The Brand Within”.

Ladies, turn your “BLAH” Style into “AHH” Style!

outfit_layed_out What’s in your closet? If you’re not sure, first cheat by getting fashion tips from “Up the Way Magazine!” Our online Fashion tips are sure to make you shine! At UTWM, you will maximize your wardrobe and minimize your cost!

Start by getting rid of clothing you don’t wear. If you haven’t worn a garment in over a year, more than likely you won’t. Toss it out! If you dig around and find things that is no longer stylish, non-flattering, too small, too big, out-of-style or just plain old “BLAH” clothing it’s time to toss them out! Give them out! Give birth and make space for styles that make you look “AHH!” Remember, mixing and matching
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