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Spring Forward Into Your Sexy

 Miss_keOkay, ladies and gentlemen, spring is around the corner and you know what that means. The weather will begin to improve and everyone would like to strut their stuff. Well, no worries. Misskiesh is going to tell how to get it done in a major way!

First and foremost, we must be sure that our bodies are at their best. Ladies, it’s time to cut out sodas, sugars, and start drinking more water. We need to keep ourselves hydrated as much as possible. Putting away junk foods and whipping out fruits is a major plus to our skin. Fruits contain antioxidants that helps to break down free radicals in our system.

If you haven’t been doing this all winter, well now is the time to hit the gym. We gotta get it right, get it tight. Make sure to shave all visible body hairs. Ladies, that means no underarm hair and start thinking about waxing. Leg hairs are optional.We all like to do this: shop, shop, shop!

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Add Prints In Your Wardrobe!

Exotic_Prints_By_Sherrie_CottonHave you ever wanted to jump into a pattern you’re unsure of ?

Well, you can start with black and white; it must be in every woman’s wardrobe! These are basic colors that go with anything! Adding some color and texture, such as zebra print will liven up any outfit!

Spring into 2010 with prints that are visually exciting bold patterns you can tone down with a plain piece. Grab a tote bag, or clutch with the same colors in your outfit to give it a more glamorous look. In this instance, accessories can be silver, white or black! Whatever pieces you decide to wear, do it classy and with individual style!

Shop smart, not hard! Let your woman’s fashion intuition lead you.

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How to look and feel your very best without breaking your pocketbook!


Step into today’s professional fashion without breaking your wallet!...Here's how......

Today’s fashion industry is booming. Although the economy has crippled many of us, we still seek to feel good, look good, and dress to impress. There are many ways to feel and look your very best without breaking your pocketbook!

Set a spending limit for yourself; do not go over shopping allowance.

Look for sales, and clearance items, do not purchase at full retail price.

Use gift cards or 25%-50% off coupons in retail store ads; with gift cards you spend no money!

Only purchase clothing and beauty products when needed or special occasions. Do not impulse shop! You’ll end up buying items you already have or don’t need.

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