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Beauty Of The Week: Lady Love

Lady Love

What makes me Beauty of the Week? I am a unique model because I am open to all aspects of modeling. I refuse to limit my talents or my dreams. In the course of my career I will have the privilege of participating in product advertisements, commericals, catalogs, book covers, magazines, and event promotions. I exercise my creativity through my work. I use props and costumes to create a memorable theme to my photos. I find this to be a great way to entertain my audience and keep them eager to see more of my work. I ask my audience for feedback on my images so I know what areas I need to improve on. I welcome everyone's opinion because they are the people that support me and therefore made Lady Love. I am a huge fan of Loyalty. I always help those who have helped me, whether it's through promotion, networking or other professional favors. I know how important it is to be humble in this industry, I've put too much work into building professional relationships to let them perish for celebrity and status.


A Caring Friend

1182890_out_the_doorI have a friend who is older than I. She has a beautiful, kind heart.  She has helped, financially, a good majority of her family members and sacrificed her needs for others. Recently, she was telling me her life story and how all of these family members she's helped. Yet, when she needed them, they closed their doors in her face.

I wanted to share with all of you how some families aren’t there for each other and how some people can use and abuse your friendship. My friend had a nice home, a car and financially able to care for herself.She never married, but did raise a great niece. She has sisters and several brothers, and a few years ago, one brother passed away due to illness.

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472253_champIn almost every sport, players and coaches can call a time when they need to regroup.  Timeouts allow the team to re-strategize after a mistake or rally to ensure a victory. Timeouts are necessary!

Do you need to take a timeout from the everyday stress and strains? Have you recently lost a job or had a life-altering change that requires you to reassess your life?  Do you need to step-up the progress against your goals?

If you aren’t where you want to be, but are striving to get there, here are three things to consider during your timeout:

1. You have to developed the heart of a champion.  Successful athletes put in the work and picture themselves winning the trophy long before the games begin.  Can you truly picture yourself  becoming the person you want to be, because if you can see it you can achieve it. Living the life of your dreams is closer then you realize.  Have you put forth the effort to make your dreams a reality? One of the greatest keys to winning is believing that you can, meaning believing in yourself. Then it’s time to work, the Bible tells us that “Faith without works is dead”.

2. You need the right people in your starting line up.  Is your life better because of the people on your team? Are they contributors that you can count on in a clutch? If not, then maybe it’s time to make a few substitution and/or permanent trades.

3. You need to developed a winning strategy. Stating your intentions isn’t enough. Develop and execute the plays that will move you from where you are to where you want to be. Make sure your goals are S.M. A. R. T. – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Sensitive.
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