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Black Man! Daddy!

400643_uncle_and_nephewI want to start out by saying that this is my article filled with things I have seen through my eyes.  I want to thank everyone that participated in the part one of Black Man.  I was going to write about enablers and the black man but I will save that for part three.


There are so many sisters with families. The most important person missing from a lot of these families is daddy. I drive transit buses for a living and for most of the month; you see a majority of women and children. When the first week of the month rolls around, DADDY”S HOME! He’s grocery shopping with his family, getting new clothes and shoes at the mall, his woman is paying HIS bus fare and all is good. When that week is over you don’t see him anymore.

Delano Glass

Delano_GlassI have had the honor to meet Mr. Delano Glass, CEO of Real Entertainment. Mr. Glass has worked with many great talents in the entertainment industry.  Delano was destined for success, born to the beautiful Ernestine Glass who was a part of the Motown group, The Chiffons.  I present Mr. Glass to the Up The Way community because he is an inspiration and he shows that through hard work and determination anyone can make their dreams come true.

Q: When and where were you born?

A: I was born in Detroit, MI Oct 2nd (no year)

Q: Were your parents married/together and what are their names?

A: My parents were never married...to each other! LOL! Mom: Ernestine Glass Dad: Carlton Johnson

Blind Eyes

253599_sunglasses_2Ignorance. A “disease” that taints the mind. If you know its power, then it’s probably infected you, too. No one is immune. Not even me. As a 38-year-old man, I can now pinpoint moments of ignorance in my past, but one moment sticks out...
I was in study hall, my freshman year in high school. Bill, a 16-year-old young man I’d known since childhood, sat across from me. He reached under his desk for a Trigonometry textbook.

My eyebrows flew up, jaw dropping. Bill? In an advanced Math Class? Impossible.

Why my shocked reaction?

Simple. I had learned blacks couldn’t excel in higher learning. Like I said, ignorance.

Media warped a negative view of my own (still does). It spread cancerous propaganda about black people almost daily, its virus poisoning young minds--even those in the same skin.

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