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When Momma Don't Love You!

nina3"I hate you!" she said. I'll never forget the sound of her voice nor the look in her eyes. The rage still shakes me to the core of my being. I died emotionally that day. If momma doesn't love me, who will? If momma doesn't care what happens to me, why should I?

What do I do? I turn onto a dark road called Self Destruction. I am the walking dead. In search of love, I look for it in all the wrong places. I allowed people to misuse my mind, use my body, and abuse my soul. As I got older, I found out that I had a crippling disability called Don't Know God Itis. Finding out was bittersweet. Bitter, because I didn't know God.

Sweet because I didn't know God, therefore I couldn't possibly know or love myself. I want help. I need help, so I go to rehab.

Memory Sharing!


Suicide is a topic rarely talked about in the African American community.

Here is my story. When I was 14 years old, I was living with a friend of mine and her family.  I had a lot of freedom but I was unhappy.  I was very unhappy.

I began drinking Cisco, trying to escape my pain. The alcohol wasn’t working. I no longer wanted to live. I began to have thoughts about suicide, thinking about jumping in front of cars. I decided against it because I had been hit by a car before and that wasn’t a good feeling. I then thought about stabbing myself but I didn’t want to bleed all over the place. I wanted my death to be peaceful.  One night when everyone in the house was asleep, I went into the bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet, and pulled out a bottle of pills. The bottle had not been opened, so when I opened the bottle, I only took half. I didn’t want to take the whole bottle for fear of getting in trouble, just in case I didn’t die. I went into the kitchen, got a glass of water, and took the pills.

Delano Glass

Delano_GlassI have had the honor to meet Mr. Delano Glass, CEO of Real Entertainment. Mr. Glass has worked with many great talents in the entertainment industry.  Delano was destined for success, born to the beautiful Ernestine Glass who was a part of the Motown group, The Chiffons.  I present Mr. Glass to the Up The Way community because he is an inspiration and he shows that through hard work and determination anyone can make their dreams come true.

Q: When and where were you born?

A: I was born in Detroit, MI Oct 2nd (no year)

Q: Were your parents married/together and what are their names?

A: My parents were never married...to each other! LOL! Mom: Ernestine Glass Dad: Carlton Johnson

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