updated 1:38 PM UTC, Jan 24, 2013
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The Self-Employed Taxpayer beware...Don’t let the government profit off you!

profit from business

When working as a self proprietor you are entitled to many deductions that can help lower your tax liability. For those that are unaware of the different ways to save when it comes to paying taxes you can end up owing the IRS or getting less of a refund check. To avoid this situation you should know what you can claim on your taxes to help lower your tax bracket.


How easy is it for you to toss that bag out with the receipt still inside? Have you discounted saving receipts for items such as:

Office supplies – Do you keep records for everything in your office?

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Are Metallic’s for Work or Play?

Mettalic_For_Work_or_Play_By_SCWhether gold metallic, black, silver, etc, you can wear them for work or play!

Wearing metallic in the past has been typically worn for play, you know after hours. For a party, New Years Eve, Birthdays, Christmas, or Thanksgiving to appear festive! Well, times have changed! You can wear them for work or play!

Sporting metallic in the day time can be worn, such as a blouse; it should be toned down in the office with a dark jacket or vest. You wouldn’t want to look like you’re going to the office Christmas party early! A metallic camisole can be worn under a suit, with small plain jewelry, so that it is not over emphasized.

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Snail Mail

snail_mailPost Master General John Potter made an announcement on Tuesday March 2 that the USPS would be cutting it services to the nation. Citing record breaking declines in volume as the culprit for the decision.

It seems like more Americans are relying on the internet to conduct business. At the same time rising gas prices are also taking a toll on the dwindling mail-order service. Potter was quoted as saying “The crisis we are facing gives us a historic opportunity to make changes that will lay the foundation for a leaner, more market-responsive Postal Service that can thrive far into the future.”

Now I am not one to gossip but, I am glad I don’t work at the post office. I am sure we all understand the old phrase “going postal”. The last thing anyone wants to do is threaten a postal worker’s pension plan. In fact, Potter did mention some changes to the system. However, he was very clear to not use the terms layoff or early retirement.

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