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Street Persuasion 3

moneyI hadn't seen Dee or Dakim in about two weeks even though Dee had said to me that he was going out of town for only a few days. I got into the routine of going to college and it was nice. The thousand dollars I'd gotten from Dee came in handy, too. I bought some fresh gear, took a few chicks to some nice restaurants and such. I was still unclear exactly what the money was for or where it really came from or even about that day. I vaguely remembered throwing a gun over the bridge after Dee had given me the money after he and Dakim had gone into the building in Harlem.


"Yo, Jamel! Lemme holla at you a sec," Ice G called to me as I sat on a park bench by the basketball courts in my projects talking to Lisa. Lisa was Dee's little sister but she really wasn't so little anymore. Lisa was fourteen when I went upstate and a regular cute little

The Mask


Who am I?

The owner of a boarding house full of a hundred personalities

A hundred personalities that made me & still makes me who I am today

I’m a survivor, there’s nothing that I can’t adapt to

I have been everyone around me yet, everyone is not me

I’m the hustler hustler, gangsta, gentleman, comforter, you need comfort

Generous, helper, fighter for those who can’t fight

Thinker for those who just might~ not think

A few mask for the streets

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