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Beauty of The Week: Fiordaliza

Charles Fiordaliza

Name: Fiordaliza Charles
Age: 30
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 180 lbs
Nationality: Dominican
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Occupation: Author/Paralegal/Student
Hobbies: cooking, writing poetry, reading, dancing, traveling and others
Talents: author, translator, promoter

It's Only Money

1226006_moneyIt’s only money said the rich man to the poor man. This top male celebrity took the time to help someone he never met before. He never stopped to ask why?  He just took the time, listened and went on to do God’s work.

He said, what’s the use in making money if you can’t take some of it and help someone in need?  I wish there were more people in this world today that had the heart of this young man.  As this man reflected on his life of pain, trials and poverty, he knew what it was like living day-to-day without having food to eat or a place to live.  He devoted his life after becoming a famous actor, in helping those in need.

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Domestic Violence

stop the violence Many consider abuse as some sort of physical hurt, but that is where the misconception lies. Abuse in itself is not just a physical act. Abuse presents itself in various forms. It can be verbal, emotional, and mental.

It is not being spoken of enough, but abuse in teenage relationships is very common. Young, teenage women today are looking to “fit” in. They want to be like the rest and in many cases, they allow themselves to be caught up in situations that are sometimes hard to come out of. This issue is very dear to me because I once knew a young girl who fell victim to domestic abuse.

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