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Domestic Violence

stop the violence Many consider abuse as some sort of physical hurt, but that is where the misconception lies. Abuse in itself is not just a physical act. Abuse presents itself in various forms. It can be verbal, emotional, and mental.

It is not being spoken of enough, but abuse in teenage relationships is very common. Young, teenage women today are looking to “fit” in. They want to be like the rest and in many cases, they allow themselves to be caught up in situations that are sometimes hard to come out of. This issue is very dear to me because I once knew a young girl who fell victim to domestic abuse.

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Pay Attention...

MindHe knew that it would all end once he took his first shot. Martin was in a state of madness with nowhere to escape and things were happening fast. But it was so far out of his control. They were yelling at him and telling him to do things he knew were wrong. But he tried to fight them off and get them to leave him alone. Martin knew when he woke up in the morning that they were waiting for him and trying to convince him that he had to do it. It was giving him terrible headaches, he just had to escape.


They kept telling him that he had to take charge, had to get revenge and the time was now. “Make everyone pay who didn’t listen to him,” they said. It was like a chant being repeated over and over again. “How could you call yourself a man, if you don’t stand up for yourself,” was what they told him every chance they could. The more he heard them say these things the weaker he became.

First Martin had to get the gun from his father. This would show them that he was getting back at the others and taking a stand. It was his turn for revenge. Knowing just where his father kept his guns, all he needed was the keys to get in the case. But his father hadn’t talked to him in weeks because of him quitting school and moving out. It would be better to wait for his mom to get home alone so he could get in and get to the case.

George F. Grant (Black Inventor)

George_F._Grant Black inventor George F. Grant knew what most of us have come to recognize. The average golfer is a hacker. They destroy grass courses, terrorize other golfers, homeowners, and passersby with wild, dangerous drives.

Although he loved the game, he grew frustrated trying to keep the ball from rolling away from him as he attempted to tee off. Grant did not want to swing at the ball while it was moving, thus sending off a wild shot.

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