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A Special Friend

empty_boxI have a special friend who is more like a son to me.  He’s got a heart filled with nothing but love for everyone.  This young man was born into a family who just doesn’t extend him the love he deserves.  When he was born, his mom didn’t want him.  He was adopted to an outside family.  His biological family is many in numbers, yet no one wanted him at birth.  I don’t understand how this family could let someone as nice as him be placed elsewhere.  Sometimes I see sadness within his face.  He longs to be loved and treated with the respect which he deserves.  He told me how evil and hateful his biological mom was, and even his dad never wanted him in his life.  He has aunts and uncles who’re all the same and just cast this young man aside as though he never existed.  I’ve tried to help him in many ways, to overcome all the hurt and pain.  At last this pain has built up so much over the years that this young man wants closure in his life.

My friend told me when he was 13 years-old, he went to seek his biological mother just to ask, why did she give him up for adoption?  He knocked on her door, she answered and he asked her why?  She cursed my friend and told him to never come near her again.  She also told her innocent, 13 year-old son that she hated him.  To this day, he never asked her why the anger or even why the hatred?  I was in shock when he told me his story.  My heart began to hurt and I felt his pain as he remembered his mother telling him to stay away from her.  He just wanted some answers for closure in his life.  She didn’t have to decency to tell him the truth.

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A Caring Friend

1182890_out_the_doorI have a friend who is older than I. She has a beautiful, kind heart.  She has helped, financially, a good majority of her family members and sacrificed her needs for others. Recently, she was telling me her life story and how all of these family members she's helped. Yet, when she needed them, they closed their doors in her face.

I wanted to share with all of you how some families aren’t there for each other and how some people can use and abuse your friendship. My friend had a nice home, a car and financially able to care for herself.She never married, but did raise a great niece. She has sisters and several brothers, and a few years ago, one brother passed away due to illness.

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Augusti Torres

Augusti TorresMany men, in particular, want what they want when they want it. Oft times we make mistakes or bad life choices for the sake of the almighty dollar. Yet, we can have a good life and have nice things through perseverance and patience. I am very observant to those around me, being that I've moved to a new city. It's city, but not so hardcore whereas the people here haven't forgotten how to smile. I see the street corners with a few lost souls, just like how some of us once were on.

However, doing this visual of my new surroundings, I saw a car that was in the process of being what we call "hooked-up or pimped out". I didn't know who's car it was, but often I seen him in passing. We, being so typical and judgemental, we'd assume this guy had to be a hustler or involved in negativity.

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