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Fathers Raising Children

1123144_walk_on_pierHave you ever heard the expression "Mama's baby, poppas maybe?” I bet you have and a lot of times that is the case because, a mother cannot deny she is the mother of her child. However, a man can deny his children any day and time, until a DNA results proves him wrong.

Mothers are often forced to raise babies on their own and they hardly get the credit they deserve. Now days anyone can be a guardian to a child. Especially if one or both parents are not in the picture or can not provide financial support for the care of their children.

I remember when I was working for ACS, also known as Agency of Children Services, and came across some cases that did not have a mother in the home. As I began my research I started thinking if the mother was not deceased then why were they not in the picture? I was stunned about what I found. This particular case really touched my heart.

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